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  1. A bit overwhelmed by all the PMs I received here with kind offers on various titles / for the lot, and I will eventually get back to all of you. But as I don't sell records for a living, I will need some time to process and review all different offers. Please be patient with me! I have a couple of 1000s similar style 45's I plan to sell here in the future in the "same style", i.e. quality crossover, 70s, sweet, northern, group, deep. If you're looking for anything special, let me know. No real "trophy" records left, but a lot of rare and obscure items.
  2. Just been digging through some old boxes of various soul 7" and have a mixed bag of 60s/70s/80s I want to sell. Some rare and obscure, some oldies, some cheap. You can probably find sound files on YouTube of most of the records. Been away from the collecting game for many years, so don't really know what everything is worth nowadays. Just drop me a PM with a fair offer if anything looks interesting or give me an offer for the lot (if there are any dealer types out there, I'd be happy to sell it really cheap as a batch as I really dislike going to the post office... ). All VG+/VG++,

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