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  1. Linda 4

    Gently northern soul

    That is brilliant Simon. Being a technical idiot I couldn’t figure out how to record and upload to this site. The sound will certainly help someone to identify it. It’s a bit exciting tracking it down; like sleuthing. Thank you for you input, much appreciated.
  2. Linda 4

    Gently northern soul

    MIke, sorry I forgot to mention, I could find the name of two of the tracks on this version of the episode, one in the dance medley at the opening of the show was “Come Back to Me” and the other was “Lock Down” by Dave James...maybe that might prompt someone’s memory.
  3. Linda 4

    Gently northern soul

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I did check out this site earlier and learned that sometimes a piece of music is made just for a show and is not on the market. I am hoping this is not the case. I also learned that there was an earlier (original) version which was more musically true to the period but the music was later changed and the writer suggested it may have been for copyright reasons? Sadly, however, i did not find any other information about the music I am searching for on that site. I am perhaps needing to find the original soundtrack. I will keep trying, someone may know. Thanks again for your help Mike. Cheers.
  4. Linda 4

    Gently northern soul

    Series 5, Episode 2, shown (Repeated)recently in australia has different music to what is listed on the web. I particularly wanted to find out what the song is in the swimming pool scene with Bacchus and Carol. NotMarvin Gaye, Lets get it on, but a woman singing. I have looked everywhere and can find nothing except in a subtitles script the words “ is it now or never, cause the boy let it slip away. Only you can make me happy.....I try to keep it strong.” Sorry that is all I’ve got, music was playing in background to the swimming pool scene dialogue. But song sounds very sexy and soulful. I really really really wish I could find the titles as the arist amd song are GREAT. Can anyone help me.


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