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  1. As Modernsoulsucks has said. He always starts off his bidding At £2. 2 stupid! bidders going at it and a 3rd nut! finishing off the cake.
  2. Gary Cape had a batch. Started off at £7 or £8 if I remember.A few were bought in town. A mate tried to sell me his for £14 and I told him where to go. I wanted the record but he wasn’t profiting from me after a week. True story
  3. The New Direction album. Teardrops and heartache. Lovely piece of soul but I don’t know if it’s Terri on lead as I need to dig it out. Colin Law put another version out on his North broad st records.
  4. Len You have broken me mate.Without too much thought Tomangoes. Buster and Eddie Happy Now Sorry if I’ve upset anyone.
  5. Honestly it is just my personal opinion. I am opinionated as anybody will tell you but I am not the Soul Police either. Started in 75 at Kettering Central Hall,St Ives and Peterborough so deffo not from up north so perhaps that has something to do with it.
  6. To Clarify. Northern Soul to too many people includes anything poppy with a dance beat still. Hence I distance myself from the term!
  7. Just my personal opinion ok! For many many years now I have denied all knowledge of Northern Soul. It might be where I came from but I have happily left it behind me. My tastes are so wide and varied in the black music genre that frankly I find Northern Soul as a term embarrassing. Even today I have listened to certain podcasts where it reminds me that to too many people it really is just a dance track to which anybody can be the singer.No soulful content whatsoever. Now I do have soulful records by white artists in my collection and I do frequent venues, but No
  8. Having said all that. Being a hypocrite I bet I have sold some 70’s pressings on here in the distant past!
  9. In my opinion most people on any of the soul sites only want to look at original / legal reissue Soul records for sale. Any bootlegs or carvers or whatever the f%-+ you want to call them have no place here. You only have to look on eBay to see how time consuming it is to find anything decent. Oh that looks interesting only to find its some twat selling a carver with photo copied label. Shoot em please!
  10. You do learn something new every day.Love the Moovers and I now love Pic and Bills version. Thank You Mal
  11. The bit I fail to get is the £300 to £400 price tag people want for it. It was always on my Detroit radar as a pleasant instrumental that I would like cheap.I knew of few copies. The vocal is average and of no interest to me. I can see why Matthew Barnett fetched money,this less so. As I said it seems to me a few people have caught a cold with this as it’s a difficult sell by the looks of it.
  12. Fiery Spartans (Pic & Bill) is the hardest variation by a country mile. Earlier number as well.
  13. Trouble is the Johnnie Brown was quite obscure and hard to get hold of. Plenty of sellers have it but paid a highish price for them looking at how high priced they are and how many are now stuck in dealers hands. So hardly a secret if you’re eyes are open. Sorry this isn’t meant as a dig by the way.
  14. Thanks Nick I noticed that other Thelma/Ge Ge records were ZTSC but this was the first stamped vinyl copy I had noticed.
  15. Am I going mental or is this an oddity? Was playing a stack off me Detroit shelves Saturday night when I noticed this. Emanuel Lasky, Welfare cheese / crazy on Thelma is Vinyl but has a ZTSC stamp. Anyone noticed or own any others. Trev

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