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  1. I have read so many comments on this band here is more info They were also known as Joey Day and The Dares and are in Michigans Rock and Roll Legends hall of fame. https://www.michiganrockandrolllegends.com/mrrl-hall-of-fame/222-joey-day-and-the-dares. They were also the recording band for a couple of The Dynamics songs one i know of is "Misery" because my dad was in Wombat, Joey Day and The Dares and The Royal Playboys "Goodby Bo" As a child this song was never my favorite but it grows on you lol.
  2. Lisa Pearson

    Records You Should Not Really Like :-)

    You should listen to there other music Joey Day and The Dares They are in Michigan ROck and roll Legends hall of fame, they were also the Royal Playboys "Goodbye Bo" band, They were also the band and music for the Dynamics "Misery" and whatever was on the other side of that album.
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