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    Simple guy with exquisite taste in music. Venues attended past and present; Clouds Edinburgh,Music hall Aberdeen,Crown hotel Thornton,Maryatt hall Dundee,Tiffanys Wigan (just missed out on the casino.) Hinckley leisure centr

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    Paul Quinn
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    Vondells hey girl

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  1. Hahaha Big lenny Toshack and Jan. My mistake. Its official I'm a fanny. Hope yer good all the same
  2. Hi Lenny Hope yer well my friend. Taxi club new years eve ❤Cracking set
  3. Quinny


    That's the one. Yeah some great music played that night. Howz you, hope all is well and good. Heading down tonight, gonna hit spitfire club at crook then see where I end up after that. I see ya do a bit o fishing. Might pack the bivvy and the pike rods. Recommend anywhere in between Durham and Keele.
  4. Quinny


    Excellent I will give them a call in the morning. Didn't fancy the drive back up the road following morning after the nighter. Last time I dine that was last year after nighter in north wales. Oft not a pleasant experience. Thanks my pal Quinny
  5. Quinny


    Hi all. Coming down from Edinburgh and very much looking forward to this. Can anyone recommend a hotel to crash after the nighter.
  6. Quinny


    Cheers Steve. Just leaving Edinbugh. I'm on my way. 4 hour drive ffs.
  7. Quinny


    Hi Andy. I'm coming down from Edinburgh. If the room is still available I'd be truly grateful. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi all. Got to admit I've been sneaking around in the dark on this great site for a while mainly for venues. So much knowledge,banter and generaly great chat among like minded souls. Should have signed up a long time ago. Hope to participate in some of the chat and maybe even meet up with some of the northern soul scene legends. I'm off down to the weekender in Wales at the end of the month in support of my fellow country man Colin Law of True soul.

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