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  1. Record Shops In Brasil

    hey everyone, It's been a good while since I was here the last time and I'm back with a concern Next weekend (07.08) I'll be flying to Brasil, mainly Rio and probably Sao Paolo...anyone knows some good spots for record hunting, esp. 2nd hand shops?? ...
  2. Dj Record Boxes

    http://www.protected.de/artikel_2000/2010.htm http://www.protected.de/artikel_2000/2015.htm
  3. Who's Got All The Cash?

    I've read that Otis Redding actually died on a crash in his own airplane... so I think he had some bucks...
  4. Help

  5. Help

    if you click there on the "free" button, you'll get a download ticket, you just have to fill in the number/letter and than the download starts...
  6. Help

    No One knows this?? please help me...
  7. Help

    http://rapidshare.de/files/10655668/UnknownSong_1.mp3.html heres a snippet of the 2nd song...hope this helps...
  8. Help

    anyone??? pleaseee...
  9. Help

    Hi first of all and a merry X-Mas... my name's stefan and I'm from germany...and I got 2 urgent questions... I need to know the name of 2 songs... the first goes like this, as far as I got it in my mind (been a long time ) "you don'...

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