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  1. 10 years.....how time flies when you are enjoying yourself ...Im proud to have been asked to be involved since day one ...well done to Russ and Ray as we all know promotion can be a tough job to do !!..Really looking forward to this ... see ya there steve
  2. Charmels is now sold ....the lovations is still available..thanks steve
  3. seems an age since the lst one!!..looking forward to this one....there is a strong rumour of cake as well !!!! see ya there steve
  4. 8 February at 10:20 The Charmels As long as I’ve got you. Volt ....£285 The Lovations Heaven told me so/ I keep singing La La la oh Part 111...... £150. two stunning indemanders ....would grade both as EX ...but they both have a few paper marks but both play absolutely perfectly with absolutely no issues at all Payment ....PayPal f&f is fine or cheque etc...postage will be at cost depending on method required...any questions best contact me 07956677228. Thanks Steve

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