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    Ageing soul boy, that's found some old tunes and looking to get some history on them and possibly sell on

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    Northern, disco, deep House

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  1. Hi All, I am hoping there is someone who has a very kind heart to help me with pricing my collection of vinyl records. I find myself in dire straits and, no doubt there many others in the same situation too, and very reluctantly have to sell my record collection, spanning 30 years from the 70's to the 90's. Born in 1963, I grew up with Tamla Motown, Soul, Northern Soul and all the music genres thereafter – Disco, Funk, Hi-Energy, and all the different sounds of House music (RIP Tony DeVit ). The thought of having to lose a major part of my life, is truly heart wrenching, I have no option. I have no idea the value of the records I have, and would really appreciate some guidance. I am currently creating a catalogue, which when completed (probably be a fortnight to finish), I could then send for your guidance. If anyone is interested, please reply to this post, and can go from there. Thank you for taking the time to read my unfortunate circumstances, and look forward to hearing from any who might be interested regards Andy
  2. WOW!!! Hi everyone, I've literally just joined this site to get info and confirmation on some records found while clearing out. My first post was in relation to the absolutely amazing "If you ask me (because I love you) " by Jerry Williams, regarding the copy I have, and got directed to here. I have been absolutely immersed with all that's said, offered, discussed and reputed. If I may offer my "ha'pennies worth". With the records I have, and in the past when I had a record player, I would play them so as to enjoy their distinct sound on vinyl. When going to nights, it was always a feeling of nostalgia to hear the crackle, the rawness of the vinyl (with occasionally the Dj messing up - and there's roar of both acknowledgement and let's start over) and 100% feel of being back in the day - that's how it was! No 100% perfect sound, no 100% hiccup to interrupt you on the dance floor - just as you are about to throw your killer move!! I completely get anyone NOT wanting to play the original (so damn rare copy), and as collectors (in all forms), want to view, keep, treasure and enjoy solely for themselves, can I say after this probably unnecessary post - IF you are so very fortunate to have one of those very rare and collectible records, and you're a DJ doing the circuit..... PLAY THE SHIT OUT OF IT.... And let ALL of those hard core old skool "KEEPING THE FAITH" soul boys and girls relive that raw (never copied or replaced) sound that IS NORTHERN SOUL, and at the same time introduce and educate the newbies to the origins..... Also if anyone can help me please with my record... Very much appreciated Hugs Andy (aka BearloverUK)

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