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  1. colinsmile

    record bar @ warrington parr hall december 1984

    Lad (grey trousers white shirt ) I`m sure is Raymond from Anglesey
  2. colinsmile

    North Wales New Soul Show

    chico / mark great show lads,well done, just what we need. colinsmile & jean
  3. colinsmile

    Happy New Year 2008

    "Happy New Year and many of them to all of you" or as Cel Thomas would say "Blwyddyn Newydd Dda a llawer ohonynt i bawb" Jean and Colinsmile SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT SOUL MAKES ONE WEAK !
  4. colinsmile

    Morecambe's Mother Of All Soul Nights

    hello cel tomos, how are`s the family. If I promise not to get lost going to Morcambe or coming back will you travel with Jean and can also sit in the front
  5. colinsmile

    Happy New Year To All Members

    Happy New Year everyone or as we would say down here "Blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb" Col and Jean
  6. colinsmile

    Quick Lookback - New Century last nite

    Have to agree with you Mike, New Century Niter was a super night. All the DJ`s sets were excellent but if I had to pick the best would have to say Steve Thomas. That I travelled with Steve maybe influenced my decision. Mike I hope you found what you failed to find last night. Jean and Colin