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  1. Pomma - Wolverhampton Sad News

    Thanks for the info Sean ~ we will there ~ I have pm'd you ~ Luv Dawn & Craig xx My Last piccy with Pomma ~ such a lovely guy ~
  2. Pomma - Wolverhampton Sad News

    Can't believe this has happened ~ I saw him last month at the Connaught his usual friendly self as always ~ I've always looked on him as little pomma after being in the same class at school as his elder brother John ~ to say I'm gutted is an understatement ~ ...
  3. The Hollybush Wolverhampton Canceled

    So sorry to hear about this but know the pressures etc you've both been under so I think its for the best all round ~ as for thanking me and Sue for doing the door I'm sure we'll think of a way you can both repay us Luv Dawniedingle xxxxxxxxxx
  4. Acceptable Radius?

    Well that would be sommat to see with you in charge you would have your work cut out for ya ~ as for another new venue ~ what can I say Only joking good luck to everyone involved Luv Dawniedingle xxxxxxxxx
  5. Acceptable Radius?

    Pete what a fabulous idea ~~ I've had a recent conversation about this ~ what a fabulous nite it would be ~ but who would be in charge ~ I can speak for Craig in the fact that it aint about the money its quite the opposite Luv Dawniedinglexxxxxxxxx
  6. Acceptable Radius?

    I see where your coming from Chalky ~ Its a no win situation you can only carry on doing ya best and trying to please everyone (a hard task nowadays) ~ but I know that both you and Craig studied all the dates before deciding the Connaught nite and came to the...
  7. Acceptable Radius?

    Yes Great debate if you're not in the middle of it ~ I am particularly worried about how things are going and how long before healthy competition becomes more competetive by any means ~ it is a pity that there is no communication between promoters if there wa...
  8. Soul At The Station In Dudley

    Agree totally Suzy what a wonderful world this would be if only this tiny step of common sense were to take place ~ Luv Dawnie xxxx
  9. Soul At The Station In Dudley

    Hiya Chalky ~ Knowing your passion and enthusiasm for the scene I can now see because of this you appear to be having to explain yourself for doing something that you love ~ this should'nt be the case unfortunately this is'nt the ideal world were each promo...
  10. Sean Chapman At The Connaught

    Well Lads what a way for you to kick off a new year !!!!!~~ keep doin what you all do sooooooo well ~~ I personally am looking forward to seeing Sean Chapman it will be my first time and have heard nothing but good things so its gonna be a fab nite for al...
  11. Fabulous Peps

    Don't know where to start about this weekend with the Fabulous Peps soooooo much as happened I could write a book ~ but first and foremost what a lovely bunch of guys and to be able to meet them on a personal level was awesome and to hear about their life was...
  12. The Fabulous Peps Live At Ncs Wolverhampton Niter

    Dont really know much about these guys who are singing live but this looks like it could be quite a good night You are in for a treat! Bring it on Joe , Steve and Trey. This surely cannot be repeated , possibly the best line up and performance...
  13. The Fabulous Peps Live At Ncs Wolverhampton Niter

    Can Only reiterate the above Suzy ~ lovely guys ~ who have made myself & Craig even more eager than ever for Saturday night ~ to say we are excited now is an understatement can't wait !!!!! luv Dawniedingle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. The Fabulous Peps Live At Ncs Wolverhampton Niter

    Its just my sheer excitement Joan ~ and I'm also peein me pants think there maybe a Tsunami soon just listened to the show an Joe mentioned me name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. The Fabulous Peps Live At Ncs Wolverhampton Niter


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