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  1. The Constellations And A Few Others

    Added a few more. Belita Woods / Grover Mitchel / Charen Cotten.
  2. The Constellations And A Few Others

    Constellations SOLD It went to the first P.M. many wanted it, but first come first served. Sorry to those who were dissapointed.
  3. The Constellations And A Few Others

    Hi Jeff I will look now mate. Cheers.
  4. Selling a few records on E Bay. Take a look you might be interested. Cheers D'Arcy http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/darcy656/m.html?item=170981940546&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. Great show John, listening to it now, some tracks that are new to me, always an added bonus. Keep at it mate, will catch up on some of the older ones on my I pad next week.
  6. SOUL 4 REAL


    Highlight of the year mate.
  7. Downloading the back log whilst I plough through a mountain of paperwork here John. Big tower of CD's next to me. Keep me in music in the van for a good while. Keep at it mate, I know it's a tough job to keep doing it each week, but we appreciate it.
  8. Wanted; Detroit Soul "All Of My Life" on Music Town, M- or Ex +. P.M.'s please. I'll reply from tomorrow as working tonight. Many thanks. D'Arcy
  9. Johnny Moore "such A Wonderful Feeling"

    Sorted. Thanks. D'Arcy
  10. Wanted, a nice clean copy of Johnny Moore "Such A Wondefull Feeling" on Blue Rock M- or Ex +. P.M.'s please. Thank you.
  11. Charlie Hodges

    think the other sides" the day he made you" on calla Tis indeed. CALLA 171.
  12. Charlie Hodges

    Charlie Hodges Loving You (Is Beautiful) Calla records. Has anyone a M- or EX + copy for sale please. Cheers D'Arcy
  13. Just Soul - November 13Th 2010 (Saturday)

    Anyone wanting a twin room at Ye Olde Bell, please give me a ring on 07973 174550. I have a twin room up for grabs for Just Soul Sat 13th. Cheers D'Arcy
  14. Hi, due to alternative arrangements, I have a twin room available at Ye Olde Bell Hotel. If anyone is interested please give me a call and I'll transfer it to your name. Cheers D'Arcy 07973 174550
  15. Removing Lots Of Tape Residue From Vinyl 45

    Try WD 40, it's quite good at removing lables. As there is no carrier solvent it should be prety safe on vinyl, but as always try it first on an old record you don't care about.

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