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    Newcastle-under-Lyme based, originally from the soul city (Soul-on-Trent) of Stoke-on-Trent. Veteran of the Casino, Mecca and lots of others !

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    Philip Johnson
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  1. So, what happened was : I attended an Arts Council meeting where their C.E.O. categorically stated that they were no longer interested in funding JUST seasoned, experienced practitioners but that they, in fact, wanted to encourage new playwrights, film makers, dance groups etc to make an impact in places such as Stoke. (which he said he had always personally supported ??) I thought I was onto a winner when I enlisted an ex-Coronation Street actress to 'mentor' my playwriting skills and sought consultancy help from a respected Northern Soul collector / D.J. (I shall keep both names confide
  2. I see what you mean Steve but I've kind of 'lost the momentum' now so just happy for people to have a read !
  3. Hiya...... I wrote a play entitled 'Time Will Pass You by'. I originally wanted to gain Arts Council funding to produce it maybe as a radio play but after filling in countless forms etc it was deemed to have not fulfilled certain criteria which my small brain couldn't quite grasp !! (Maybe there weren't enough vegan Corbynistas included in the cast !) My next idea was to submit to BBC Radio 4 play for today series but, again, I couldn't really see it being taken on, it is rather 'niche' and based on the typical working class lives of ordinary folk from Stoke-on-Trent in the mid 1970'

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