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  1. Anyone got a nice copy of Barbara Mercer on Sidra to go ? PM me
  2. Different version to Black Nasty. The Audrey Mathews version has the same backing track as JM Mathews [Big Hit]…..
  3. Andy, it doesnt exist mate. It was an unreleased version that was put out on a Kent CD. Hope this helps…. Get a carver done if you want it on vinyl.
  4. Anyone got a nice UK copy to go ? Pm me…..
  5. Right Track ! Of course…..Now Clap !
  6. I dont personally believe the hike in prices has anything whatsoever to do with any vinyl revival. What im talking about is records that have literally doubled or trebled in actual sale price. i.e £500 to £2000 ! These are not selling to casual novice record buyers are they ? I firmly believe these have to be selling to people who want to be showing them off in a DJ set. Theres no other reason I reckon. If you were to tell anyone else who wasn't involved in this music the prices they'd regard it as madness. When it gets to this level it is really isn't it ? What about the genuinely rare trophy
  7. Hello Mal, hope all is good for you. Its interesting that you mention the Robert Thomas "Salvation". Some friends of mine found hundreds [many hundreds] of copies of this title amongst loads of other original imports, in the UK, probably about 10 years back now. They're all gone now,they all disappeared for cheap before the record started to gain a following again. Who knows, maybe it was this influx of copies turning up that prompted its revival at gigs ? I only mention this because it just shows how really common records[in collecting terms] can still end up with an expensive price tag.
  8. Great work Chalky as always…... I got in a conversation with Neil Rushton a couple of years back and this subject cropped up. He's got a great story all about this record and trying to deal with [ I think ], Joey Jefferson. See if you can get Neil to relay the story on here…. If I had the original 45 of this, I think I'd be too scared to play it out anyway, these things are so rare now arent they ? I really like the second version anyway ! Which is nice…. Thanks for posting Chalky
  9. Not yet Ian no. Send me a pm if you have one you want to sell...
  10. Any got a nice condition UK Yellow Atlantic Demo of Mary Wells Dear Lover to sell ? PM me
  11. Happy New Year Mark [and everyone else ! ]. Great to see you on the boat again ! I totally agree with you on this. This thread raises several points which are seldom discussed. For instance, I worked out in the 80s that back cueing styrene records was a no no and never even consider it these days. Vinyl is normally ok but really for me it all boils down to the availability and rarity of the record in question. For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would be treating their rare recode in this way especially when you see the ever more eye-watering sums which they sell for these

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