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  1. Had a brilliant night, dj's were all on fire. Always made welcome at this venue. Every time I went to sit down another great tune played. Rob Smith selling records too. Great night and love to you all. X
  2. Looking forward to another cracking night. Let's loose ourselves in the music and regenerate! Xx see you all soon. Xx
  3. Angel soul

    Newstead Soul Club

    Looking forward to night of great music with my soul family, see you soon .
  4. Hopefully see you all tomorrow, Great venue and brilliant atmosphere.
  5. Was a cracking night, feeling on top of the world
  6. Missed last couple of months but really excited to get back this weekend. Sounds like it's been really busy. Looking forward to some cracking tunes as always.
  7. Can't make this month but will be thier next month. Always a great night
  8. Hopefully make it this month, usually non stop dancing to some great tunes
  9. Sorry I didn't make last month, sounds like it was another great night.
  10. Great soul venue, excellent music, always friendly. One not to be missed, get in early to grab a seat... you'll need it in between all the dancing. Koko

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