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  1. amo

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    Well done Nige a brilliant day and a great cause, looking forward to next years event hopefully we can beat the target set this year!
  2. amo

    Crewe - Charity Soul Alldayer - Crewe

    Should be another class day for a great cause as well. Well done to Nige for putting it on again and arranging it all. Cheers Amo
  3. Hello Pecker: You should try & get down the Millrace in Milton one Wednesday night mate. You'd really enjoy it. Cheers Amo PS: Dunna come this week though as I'm away on holiday!! LOL LOL
  4. Cheers folks certainly looks another cracker. Bestest Amo
  5. Heard that the Volume 4 is due for release shortly anyone know anymore details? Cheers Amo
  6. I was told over the weekend about Martin passing away very sad news another of the good guys gone. RIP old mate. Amo
  7. amo

    ***torch Reunion Yesterday***

    Can't really add much to what as already been said, great day & well done to everyone for putting the event on. Been bought up in Stoke & into soul music since I was a 13 year old in the early 70's I sometimes forget how lucky I've been to be based in the Potteries with its soul pedigree, especially when I saw how far some folk had travelled yesterday. At one stage I thought the weather was going to put pay to me & the other lads from the Stoke Outer Circle Scooter Club turning up in Hose Street at lunchtime but it didn't, also it was great to see afew of the Golden Torch scooter lads there as well. Can we please have another Torch Reunion in 2010. Cheers & KTF Amo
  8. amo

    Where Were You In '72 ?

    Hello Pecker: Yeah old age catching up with me!! LOL LOL Big 50 next year!!! Remember all the folk from the Youth club going to Wigan, Wiggie, Bogman etc etc then going myself about 1975 ish!!! Had to tell the old man & woman I was going night fishing as that was OK but going an allniter defo out of the question!! Hope to see you Saturday up Tunstall. If not get your sen down the Foxley on a Tuesday night. Cheers Amo
  9. amo

    Where Were You In '72 ?

    I was 12 & remember my Dad taking me to Wembley to watch Stoke beat Chelsea in the 1972 League Cup Final. Also used to see loads of scooters bombing around the Potteries, always remember seeing dozens of scooters lined up outside the Cinebowl in Broad Street Hanley, which later became the Steam Machine. I can remember all the older lads at Moorside Youth Club in Stoke on about the Torch closing & some place in Wigan called the Casino stopping open all night!!!! See ya all at the Torch Reunion. Cheers Amo
  10. amo

    Important Stuff Ref Torch Reunion

    If you come off M6 at Junction 16 Stoke North & Crewe come down the A500 or the "D Road" as us Stokies call it, then get off at the A34 junction & go north on A34 towards Congleton for about 1/2 mile there's an excellent steak house pub on the right hand side, it used to be called the Harecastle but it now the Miller & Carter. If you are getting off at Junction 15 Stoke south just take A34 north thro' Newcastle till you reach the D Road, all as per above. Its easy to get back to Tunstall as well from here, as you just come back to the A500/A34 roundabout & take the slip road straight into Tunstall passing Hose Street on the right hand side as you enter Tunstall town!! Hope that helps. Looking forward to it now!!! See ya all there Amo
  11. amo

    Dave Evison Is God

    I'm the same as Pecker, I've known Dave since I was a teenager getting into soul music & we also share a love of everything Stoke City FC related!! As well as seeing him & Princess Sarah out & about at soul do's most weekends, I sit 2 rows infront of them in the infamious Boothen End at the Britannia Stadium. He is a gent & top bloke but too say he's been like a big kid in a sweet shop at the match this season is a bit of an understatement. Good on ya Dave & see ya soon. Gooooooooooooooooooooooon Stoke Rip Roaring Potters Cheers & KTF Amo
  12. Vinnie: I'm told by Pete Lawton that the Exec Suites are spot on, I've never graced the venue but unfortunately I'm away on holiday when your do is on, so perhaps next time. I will have to sneak in thro' a side door though, as I'll never live it down if anyone knows I've been to a soul do at "you know where". -_- Cheers Amo
  13. Vinny: Be hopes you get more attending than the 65 season tickets they've sold for next season!! LOL LOL Mind you you'll probably get more in there than the Vale get at a home match but then again that wouldn't be hard would it? The Port Vale Executive Suite now which Phone Box on Hamil Road is that then Vinnie? The two Potteries teams now in their rightful places with Stoke City FC in the Premier League & the other lot in the old fourth division & on the brink of going out of business. Good Luck with your event your gonna need it. Cheers & KTF Amo c/o Boothen End Block 25
  14. amo

    Another Charity Benefits From

    Paul: Can you put me down for another 2 tickets please. Will send cheque next couple of days. Cheers Amo
  15. amo

    The Foxley , Stoke On Trent ! Tonite

    Hello Nige: See you later matey & hopefully we'll have another good night at the Foxley. Last Tuesday was a bit quite with the weather & football but all of a sudden the pub filled up about 9.30 pm, so the last hour & half was buzzing! Catch up with you later on. Cheers Amo PS: Enjoyed your "Behind The Decks" CD.


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