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  1. Looking forward to playing some tunes I didn't manage to play at the all dayer as we were on our best behaviour due to our very special guest djs. whose partners certainly gave us a run for our money when it came to disposing of copious amounts of alcohol. I'm sure it's gonna be another great night, our very own meet and greet event champion Ross said the all dayer was best yet but they just get better each time; especially with our shiny new decks, courtesy of Rich so get her sens to The Staff for a super cool night brim full of super rare , underplayed soul and r n b and I'll chuck a few underplayed Motown in as well KGP
  2. We keep saying, " that were best nite " everytime we have a do but this truly was a " best" dayer as we had soul Royalty with Nicola Anderson, Saus, Gilly and our good friend Roger Banks Graciing the decks, and all for FREE entry!! Gillys spot was something else with tunes probably not heard anywhere else, Nicola with some great modern stuff and glad Saus played some Motown along with quality rare, underplayrd tunes, Roger was a class act as usual and it was great to see the Staff with standing room only, briil tunes from the Sraff lads; had a good chat with Rob Marriot so look forward to seeing him on decks in New Year, we aim to please the Palette of the soul connoisseur with none of the politics, keep listening, keep dancing, keep drinking and just enjoy yourself Massive thanks to all who came from far and wide; (too many to mention! ) who we class as good friends, hope to see ya soon
  3. As it's a special event , we won't be drinking alcoholic beverages until later in the day, 1.15 pm is late enough KGP fer the staff lads ,it will be a cracking day so get yourselves ready for some top quality rare soul music
  4. Can't wait for this one, I missed being on decks at the last one as I was on hollybobs next day. Looking forward to seeing Nicola Anderson as I missed her last time she was on at the Staff, also looking forward to hearing Gillys spot along with Saus and Rogers who always play fantastic slabs of super, rare soul music, it's gonna be a cracker so let's hope we get the full support from locals and others that travel from all over as these four top notch rare soul djs definitely deserve it and are sure to make it a brilliant day KGP
  5. Missed being on decks for last one due to going to Tenerife next day so can't wait for the all dayer, looking forward to hearing Nicola Anderson as I was away last time she was on, gonna be a cracker KGP
  6. Looking forward to the Manship himself on the decks, gonna be a cracker, I'm not on decks this month, we've got 6 djs on plus holly bobs to Tenerife on Sunday . See you at the Disco
  7. Friendly welcome, cheap beer, great music you probably won't hear at many other venues bit of r n b , rare underplayed soul, Roger Banks record stall, free pork pie if Ross sorts it , we look forward to seeing you , Andy
  8. Another fantastic day; soul in the sun, cracking sounds played by our guests Roger Banks and Chris Dalton, Downbeat Lounge seemed to go down well with the girls, kept me on my toes playing mainly Motown, roll on the next one in July, we may put an extra Motown / Soul classics night on too !!!!
  9. Will there be any jumpers or cagoules on this weekend? , may need them due to our unpredictable weather
  10. Well, here we go folks, I heard it through the Grapevine! Oops! Apologies, don't want to Infringe copyright. Someone sez that British Rail have contacted our very own Ross about us using a term that related to an area of the country that they advertised as the East Coast Connection and then this defunct 70s Soul/ Funk band got in on the act and threatened to sue us for the same flagrant misuse of their name. Apparently there is a third party Involved but as of yet, my good friend Nige, who is now an attorney in Arkansas, has not been contacted . This is all a bit of a shock to the system, resulting in Ross having to lower the price of Meat cobs and also having to evidence through certification that the Meat is actually REAL meat on said cobs so as not breaching Financial Fair Playing of records in a venue advertised as FREE ENTRY, oops, there we go again, sorry, it's nowt to get in , don't want that there rock group banging their drums! On a lighter note, maybe we should contact that there Czech car producer for using the term Something Different.. I'm sure that they have a few Bob as they have that there Faith Paloma singing on their ad. Dont forget yer swimwear for our All Dayer as the venue will be Red Hot with Roger Banks and Chris Dalton spinning the very best in Rare Soul with an East Coast Connection! Take care peeps and see ya on the brushes
  11. Looking forward to Chris and Rogers spots, gonna be a cracker once again and it's 12 hours for pure soul music for FREE
  12. Looking forward to another great night, think I'll start off with a bit of Motown then mix it up , free entry as usual, great,friendly atmosphere, get yer Sen down t, Staff
  13. Looking forward to this, gonna be a cracker, more rare soul on tap ,not your usual same old you hear at other venues week in ,week out, bit of underplayed Motown along with the finest r n b , what more do you want for FREE ENTRY, yes. Free entry plus cheap beer , no politics, just pure soul music from some of the finest djs who have been on the scene since the 70s , nuff said

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