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    Born in the North, live in the South. Into 60’s & 70’s mod music since I was 11. A long time ago!

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    Hastings, UK
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    Soul Time - Shirley Ellis

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  1. Sorry to ask but do you happen to know 49 as well?!
  2. Thanks for that - much appreciated. Yes that’s the one! Thanks Simon.
  3. Thanks but I don’t think it is - 58 has a more funk/soul sound. The singer says “Oh Man” right at the start. Thanks for checking it out though!
  4. Am stuck on a few of the intro’s from this quiz and would appreciate some help with the following tracks:- Tracks - 5, 47, 58, 92. https://youtu.be/Z_tq2Twvt9U I only got about 60 of them in total but these are the ones that are frustrating me. Cheers, Matt
  5. Many thanks for this - was struggling to find it. Great track!
  6. Would anyone happen to know the track / artist in the YouTube clip below, recorded at The Someday All-nighter in Valencia 2016? The song is at 10:02 and the lyrics are something like: ”All my life I’ve been looking for love and then you came along. Off in a whirl/world without a girl to call my own.” Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks, Matt
  7. Matt Mod

    Matt Mod

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