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  1. Anyone got some Saturday night passes please? 07568 099 220
  2. Kell Osborne - Quicksand - YELLOW STOCK - And i aint ever seen a stock copy of this before - vg+ £240 Tel: 07568 099 220 Sean.
  3. So is it getting plays? Because if not its gonna go Fuckin massive once it gets played. FACT...
  4. Just seen this for sale on ebay. Can anyone tell me if it's big on the scene as I've been awol for a couple of years now and I found it to be one of the best things I've heard in a long time.....
  5. However Chalky it is total feckin dross. Maybe one of the worst rare soul records ever.
  6. Or if anyone's got one going really cheap...?
  7. Can anyone upload this top tune please? Thank you very much.....
  8. All at $201.50 with different total of bidders on. Am i missing something or is this f@cker bumping his records up with the help of others?
  9. Seen at...(Insert ridiculous price) Books at... (Insert ridiculous price) Priced to Sell... (Then insert ridiculous price) Few bargains to go...(No bargain anywhere) Superb, and so accurrate.... Dave your the modern "Shakespear"....

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