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  1. How Important Are Flyers

    I agree, fantastic flyers! I think they were also done by Dunsby, always class, the Pow Wow ones were great too. (yet, very different in style to what he did for Backbeat) Ideally a flyer should evoke the style & attitude of the music before you've ev...
  2. Hard As Nails Club - Sat December 6th - London

    hope you had a good 'un in Sweden steve! ..can't wait to hear the sounds of the long awaited djs from Spain, Hastings & NZ a healthy variety of sounds for next Satu...
  3. there's a night bus (N19) that will take you door to door
  4. Thanks a million folks! Alice, Fred, Alan H, big Mark, Jim, Marcus & Clanger You all excelled yourselves saturday, great varied selection of sounds! dove-tailng true favourites, to exciting "newies" naturally together. much like the mix of the cr...
  5. Hard As Nails Club - Sat December 6th - London

    It's 2 mins walk from Jury's Inn here's a link to a map fella hope to see you there!
  6. Hard As Nails Club - Sat December 6th - London

    looking forward to hearing all the guests! yes Alice is on her majesty's service with Bob Morris on a vinyl mission to Belgium right now... also heard of a few changes & more space at afters...
  7. The Hideaway Club

    Helen, Steve, Andy Cheers folks! just what the doc ordered eh ! great to see Steve & Lydia, Callum & mrs on excellent form Mik, Johnny & kellyanne..from Sheff. ..BackBeat mob in full effect..Joe Dutton, Bob Morris, Linda & Ted, b...
  8. Hard As Nails

    Great pics Kyleeee... Thank you, my favourite paparazzi ! -Just a Quickie to Thank the DJs for their spot-on, classy selections, & all the regulars & people who travelled from far & wide! -Glasgow, Cardiff, Rugby, Tuffnell Park !!! ...
  9. Great news just in... Bald Mark will be spinning some of his exquisite R&B/ Rhythm & Soul at tonight's after-party alongside the quality Fred selections; a very healthy mix, i'm sure you'll agree ! -see you there folks -Breakfast Club people.....
  10. UPDATE! FRENCH FRED playing at the after-party + tba ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS IS OUR LAST DATE IN OUR "H.A.N. - SUMMER SEASON" - DON"T MISS IT ! HARD AS NAILS Summer 2008 ------...
  11. i like that.. is it a new term? hmm the English language seems to "evolve" at an alarming rate, does it not? do bring the I.D. though, if Paul's not believed on the door you can be his "responsible" adult
  12. P.S. Delighted to say we've had word from Woody in Glasgow (who we've not seen since H.A.N. Vs Basics in Edinburgh in March) who is coming to London for HAN on the 30th with a 6 strong firm of Glasgow mods. since i've passed on some Hotel info for him...
  13. THIS IS OUR LAST DATE IN OUR "H.A.N. - SUMMER SEASON" - DON"T MISS IT ! HARD AS NAILS Summer 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARD AS NAILS Summer 2008 Very exciting selection of guest Djs Top-...
  14. i like the duffel