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    Hi, Been on the scene for nearly 45 years, not bad...Collect, buy and sell rare vinyl up and down the land.

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    David Haizelden
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    MOBO Music
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    Loud as possible!

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  1. Hi, Did anyone else get one of these emails? Hi Davi, Hi Your Soul Source account has not been active since May 2018 Your last visit was 20/07/17 As its inactive it has been closed or will very shortly be closed as part of our regular clean up. However if you do wish it to remain open then you must visit the site and login, doing that will clear the inactive status and once aware we will then reopen your account. If do you wish it deleted straight away now just let us know via reply and will do Your profile is https://www.soul-source.
  2. Good to see you guys on Sunday, what a great little all dayer the Florrie is, not many buying vinyl though lol. I sold 1 sticker for a pound..... Never mind, the next time I come, I'll leave the sales at home and have a good dance and drink. See you all soon Davi
  3. Hey Ted, Long time no see buddy, see you in Liverpool on the 1st March mate... Davi
  4. DJ Daviboy


    Hi Guys, I don't really chat on SS, but considering if it is worth starting.... How many people actually use these forums: and read the posts? Hands Up! Any Idea??????
  5. YEAH - you can tell, only you have replied so far lol. cheers mate KTF
  6. Hope so, not been to Culcheth before, so hoping to hear some tuneage that is new and fresh (Old and not heard before - it is a N soul night right?!!! Definitely hope it's not a Four Tops night (It's the same old song, etc...), I hate wasting me time and money
  7. Has anyone got a Casino Classics CC17 - The Tams / Jason Knight - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me / Our Love Is Getting Stronger ‎(7", Single) 1979?
  8. Hi,

    Thought it about time I joined this community, so hello everyone. KTF

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