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  1. Various Ramblings On Subject Of Elkie Brooks

    If this is a wants section , surely thats what it should be, theres always some smart arsed twat who wants to critisise someone elses taste.and tell them what they should like or not like, every single one of you who act like that are anal retards Why not g...
  2. Want: Little Esther Wild Child On Warwick

    PM,d you mate , cheers
  3. Want: Little Esther Wild Child On Warwick

    have a red issue copy , very TINY blemish on label, vinyl is EX, plays great, would grade at VG++ if you have no luck , let me know scan, soundfile available if required cheers
  4. R Soul Mag

    My pleasure Alan Thanks alot
  5. R Soul Mag

    Mick Howards quite right regarding where R Soul came from, it was done originally just as a bit of fun for the Cleethorpes Weekender back in the 90s. For the first ( and it was planned , the ONLY issue)we made 50 copies only and just plonked them on tables ...
  6. R Soul Mag

    This comes from issue 4............. BRADFORD MAN GOES BESERK- POLICE SURROUND HOUSE !!!!! Armed police are still surrounding the home of DJ/mag publisher Derek Person after he went mad and TOOK HIMSELF HOSTAGE! The trouble began on Wednesday afte...
  7. R Soul Mag

    This comes from the same place...... an unused, unseen digital version
  8. Very Sad News

    Very sad to hear the news of Johns death. A genuine lovely guy,always enthusiastic,loved the music,could be very funny as well,loved his T shirts,the blazer,and one year a fabulous snowman jumper!!! Knew his stuff,introduced me to a good few records (esp ...