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  1. One of the most legendary games in our Club’s history (and which was before my time). Another oft-discussed Cup Winners Cup game was the footballing lesson we received at UP from Dinamo Tbilisi. Neither game would hold such magical memories if played in a league format.
  2. To all our fellow Soulies who follow LCFC, the emotional well-being of the Nation is in your hands. If you beat Spurs and Arsenal win their game, that mighty footballing powerhouse from N17 could finish as low as 9th. I’ll enjoy that as much as The Tartan Diego Simeone’s Massive B@stards qualifying for Europe. COYI.
  3. Congratulations to you all. Was delighted for Wes Morgan to get on the pitch and thought it was a great touch him lifting the cup with Schmeichel. Have they found the lid yet?
  4. Hope you enjoy your day, fella. Dunno what I am more envious of - your team in the Cup Final or you being at a soul do!
  5. Agree totally about Rice. Two years ago I said he was the best player we had produced since Ince and he seems to be proving me right (with all due respect to Big Fat Frank, Rio, Joe Cole and the very under-rated Carrick). Not sure if I would want Arnautovic back. Superb player on his day, left the club under a dark cloud and would probably hamper the team spirit fostered by the Tartan Diego Simeone.
  6. Stevegods, take it from a West Ham fan, we will find a way to cock this up. It’s in our DNA .
  7. LB, I understand this more than you can imagine. I’ve been going 35 years home and away; the joys and the despair in football are like almost nothing else on this planet (Family aside). Good luck in the Final; will be rooting for you against the Rent Boys.
  8. The Everton game tomorrow will give us ‘Ammers a better idea of where we might finish. Leicester Boy, to put things into perspective for both our clubs, 6 years ago I celebrated some of my 50th in The Donkey and then saw WHU lose a brilliant game 2-1 to your lot. That was the game which started the run to avoid relegation under Pearson. Just a few years later, you’re following a team that has won the Prem, is in it’s first cup final in 52 years and is regularly challenging for CL qualification. Both our clubs are having great seasons and we will do well to remember how far they have come.
  9. I am not sure I can survive this season, the way my lot struggle to defend 3-0 leads. Delighted to be 4th at this stage of the season, still expect to finish lower. Would be just our luck to qualify for Europe and not be allowed to travel.
  10. Tez just sent £38.00 friends and family. Can you please confirm receipt. I will let you know when received. All the best.
  11. Could I please buy Ike n Tina Turner off you? Please let me know your PayPal details and I’ll send the money f&f. All the best. Sean

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