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    Soul with a bit of Soul on the side, Soul for desert & gin & soul to wash it all down :-)
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    Mamie Lee - I Can Feel Him Slipping Away

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  1. Vegimite

    Another Charity Benefits From

    This one is
  2. Vegimite

    Yate, Just A Distant Memory ?

    Hi Not sure if you know but Di is still on the scene, out & about as always & still as full of fun & cheekiness as she always was. Saw Polo a few years back & he hadn't changed one little bit......I would recognise his hair anywhere! As for Karon she is still in Malvern & I'm pretty sure she's living with Dave E. If not I'm sure someone would put me right. For me Yate was only second to the Torch but a very ..
  3. Vegimite

    The Torch Dec 9th 1972

    Never missed a night at the Torch & got there anyway we could. Second from the left is Kipper Lynch from Worcester; next to him are a couple of lads who, from memory, lived in Evesham. On the back cover front & centre are myself (Jayne/Jaynie or as some bloke used to call me Knotty) & Caroline Jones, we both came from Malvern. Also pictured on the left midway back is the delightful Mr Burroughs J
  4. Vegimite

    Looking For Contact Details For

    Hi You'll find Colin on EMS where you'll be able to PM him
  5. Vegimite

    Joy Lovejoy

    Guys I'm a bit of a lurker & don't generally post so please don't crucify me if this sounds a bit left of field but for what it's worth............. I'm a fan of Albert Kings music, in 1971 he released an album on Stax called Lovejoy with a track called 'Lovejoy Ill.' referring the town of Brooklyn which is affectionately called 'Lovejoy' after Elijah Parish Lovejoy a famous Presbyterian Minister well known for his abolitioni..
  6. Vegimite

    Soulshakers Cancelled

    Chin up Dave you have some true blue supporters & with more promoting you'll come back bigger & better. Glad I got in my last round of Photo's now. As per my PM to Malayka let me know when you want to get this promoted on the radio & I'll do what I can to help. In the meantime have a good move & see you soon. Jaynie x
  7. Vegimite

    SoulShakers Solihull May07

  8. Vegimite

    Soulshakers Another Oh So Soulful Night

    As You say Dave another cracking night. It was lovely to celebrate Ali's birthday with her. Arthur played a very eclectic set with some outstanding choonage. Have uploaded my attempts at playing David Bailey into the gallery Thanks to a certain friend for pointing out I was spacially inept & generally most photo's have toooo much ceiling showing lol Here's to the next one
  9. Vegimite

    Soulshakers International, Tonight

    Dave as one of the birthday people........I can't wait for this great night Gonna be a big thing The event that is not my age Luv Jaynie X
  10. Vegimite

    Carlisle Soulies

    I married a Carlisle Soulie & remember the lady in question well. She was wonderfully welcoming of southern lass! (Even tho I was from the Midlands). If you haven't found any info by now I'll ask my delightful ex to see if he knows anything
  11. Vegimite

    Kings Hall, Stoke

    Dont usually do the chat thing but gotta say ......I agree Ady Pountain & would suggest Dave Greet - both outstanding. Ady currently in Carolina & unearthing some brilliant sounds. Gotta be worth a listen