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  1. Another Charity Benefits From

    This one is
  2. Yate, Just A Distant Memory ?

    Hi Not sure if you know but Di is still on the scene, out & about as always & still as full of fun & cheekiness as she always was. Saw Polo a few years back & he hadn't changed one little bit......I would recognise his hair anywhere! As fo...
  3. The Torch Dec 9th 1972

    Never missed a night at the Torch & got there anyway we could. Second from the left is Kipper Lynch from Worcester; next to him are a couple of lads who, from memory, lived in Evesham. On the back cover front & centre are myself (Jayne/Jaynie or as ...
  4. Looking For Contact Details For

    Hi You'll find Colin on EMS where you'll be able to PM him
  5. Joy Lovejoy

    Guys I'm a bit of a lurker & don't generally post so please don't crucify me if this sounds a bit left of field but for what it's worth............. I'm a fan of Albert Kings music, in 1971 he released an album on Stax called Lovejoy with a track calle...
  6. Soulshakers Cancelled

    Chin up Dave you have some true blue supporters & with more promoting you'll come back bigger & better. Glad I got in my last round of Photo's now. As per my PM to Malayka let me know when you want to get this promoted on the radio & I'll do what ...
  7. SoulShakers Solihull May07