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  1. Hi all- thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I’m still thinking the most likely one is Ray Pollard’s the Drifter, although I’m not a 100% sure...so please, keep the suggestions coming! I’ve discovered loads of great new tunes thanks to you guys so thank you
  2. Thank you to all who have responded so far- much appreciated and I’ve discovered some great tunes I hadn’t known before thanks to your suggestions. Unfortunately I can’t remember the venue nor the DJ. And it’s not Tears of a Clown please keep the suggestions coming! Thank you
  3. I think it could have been Ray Pollard the Drifter- the lyrics don’t quite match but I could have misheard it... but- the melody is actually very close to what I remember. So- thank you very much, Martyn and to everyone else for their suggestions! I’d say I’m 90% sure it was the Drifter and I might come to realise it must be that one if all the other clown related songs don’t fit. Do keep the suggestions coming though please- I’m not a 100% sure yet and I’m enjoying discovering all the other great clown/ joker related tunes.
  4. Lovely song- but it’s also not the one. Thank you anyway, Colouredman
  5. Thanks all. It was a London venue, male DJ, about 10 years ago... I know it’s not much to go by. But here’s s list of songs that aren’t the one I’m looking for- Eddie Parker- Crying Clown Ray Gofrey- Candy Clown Chuck Wilder- the Clown the Radiants- the Clown in clever Ben Aiken- the life of a clown Johnny Dynamite- Everybody’s clown Dellie Hoskie- the clown Our Brothers Keeper- the Harlem Clown Terry Calier- the soulful clown mark Barkan- great day for a clown I’m just your clown- Teddy and the Twilights Tommy Hunt - The Clown (my fa
  6. Thank you, Des- it’s not the song I’m looking for but thanks anyway- this one is a great tune indeed and I hadn’t heard it yet
  7. Hello all, I've made the grave mistake not to ask the DJ which song he was playing at the time - and I regret it to this day! There's not much I remember, but here goes - Male singer Slow to mid tempo Northern Soul One line from the lyrics: 'I'm such a clown' I've found dozens of clown-themed Northern Soul songs on YouTube but this one wasn't amongst them (I did discover many other great Clown soul songs though!). It still bugs me after all this years that I didn't ask the DJ...anyway, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you so much. Nina

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