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  1. Hello

    I started to get interested about the Philly Sound after DJ Nicky Siano played a few tracks live and on his old podcast and this just opened up a huge door and the discoveries have been one of the best musical experiences I have had (he was playing very early First Choice etc). I've enjoyed reading lots of posts here since joining on searching the forums. 

    I just wanted to share a really interesting link to an essential interview with music that was broadcast in 2015 by Jay Negron from Miami really is for me THE best person I have discovered on this subject, his knowledge of Philly and all rare side projects and his own edits of some of these gems are magic. He also runs an online radio station called Crib Radio which is worth checking out. Jay Negron is also very close to Tom Moulton and regularly plays lots of amazing Tom Moulton edits that remain unreleased.

    Anyway I'm mainly posting this revelatory interview that Jay Negron did with MFSB core member Bobby Eli in 2015 its really worth listening to, as Bobby Eli was IMHO as creative as Gamble & Huff and did many side projects that are revealed in the interview. Bobby sounds like such a genuine humble guy and was delighted Jay Negron knew so much about his recording background which makes it more stimulating. The show is 5 hours but trust me its really worth downloading and listening to. 

    The link is on Jay Negron's site to download the show here http://ajskidiscomix.blogspot.com/2015/05/crib-radio-may-9-2015-bobby-eli.html

    Currently Bobby Eli is still alive but had a bad stroke a couple of years ago, shortly after this interview and him and Early Young are about the only two core MFSB members still alive.

    One of the unreleased Moulton mixes is Impact's 'Give A Broken Heart A Break'  - Bobby Eli produced the album from Impact and this track is one of the best and as Tom Moulton has access to all many Sigma 'Stems' he waves his magic, this was featured in the show and remains unreleased. 

    There is also another good interview Jay did on his blog with Earl Young who by chance just last night was awarded into the Musicians Hall of Fame.....for The Sound of PHILADELPHIA. You can find the interview on his Jay's blog.

    I have made small donations to Jay's Paypal which is on the top of his blog because I cannot thank him enough for the musical doors he has opened on this subject, I thought I knew so much having gone to many London Loft parties where David Mancuso was playing and trawling through Paradise Garage playlists but the music Jay has opened me up to is just as good if not better and more special because many of the tracks are not vey well known. 

    Here's an an example on youtube of one of the best things I discovered through the show, I then bought the Impact album on CD there his another good track on it called 'Happy Man' but Moulton really brings out the best of the track and is far superior to the original album version. 

    Jay has a show monthly on Crib radio where he plays new and old tracks it's on hiatus for summer currently but there are all the archives there on his blog, but they still stream good stuff 24/7 http://www.crossfaderstudios.com/index.php?roomID=1 

    I hope this post is useful, trust me the interview is gold listening. Would love to know what people thought. I'm putting together a playlist on Spotify but many of the good stuff isn't on there, but I'll do my best and post link later.



    P.s Turn this up its a #JAM 



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  2. Ladies & Gentlemen? 

    Hello I came across this forum searching for some detailed info on Bobby Eli/Flashlight and The Quickest Way out via Sigma of course. Just wanted to say hello and how much I liked reading the posts. I have a large collection of some special tracks hopefully I will be able to enrich some of you and learn from your knowledge.

    I've got kids tonight so time poor but wanted to post this new edit by a friend of mine Jay Negron by Anglo Saxon Brown called - 'Gonna Make You Mine' originally from 1976 Jay has done a wonderful job extending this gem. I hope its a new discovery for some of you and thanks for all the Sigma info. I can't post much as I'm a single Dad working full time but I did hope to make a positive contribution and share some gems from this magnificent period. This doesn't have Baker/Harris.Young on it but did have Larry Washington on Congas I hope you enjoy it 

    Best Regards 

    Shaun :) UK 



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