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    Soul Music Of Course! Mainly Deep,Sweet & Southern Soul!

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  1. harrogatesoul

    Diggin' Deep - New Soul Label - Limited Edition Soul 45's

    Ordered! Excited! Good luck to you guys on what is an exciting label in anticipation! Rich
  2. harrogatesoul


    Running with the supply and demand point - Don't forget the upsurge and changing collecting trends in collecting of funk / deep soul / ballads / sweet / lowrider et al over the years or currently. The times I've wanted or bid for a deep/ballad cut that just happened to be on the flip of a northern or funk 45 resulting in rocketing in price. There's lots of folk chasing certain records all over the world now for different sides. ..
  3. Evening folks. Have a handful of Mint / Unplayed copies of this terrific brilliant and classic feel good slab of 70s soul b/w a cool mid tempo groove on the flip from a much revered and talented artist \writer & producer. Every home \ soul box should have one! Go Leon! Legend! 2 'fabulous' (sic) sides! Clips are four reference only but lovely crisp copies @ £12. P&P £1.75 UK \ £4.50 Europe / £5.50 R.O.W Payment..
  4. harrogatesoul

    Denise LaSalle R I P

    So very sad to hear from a wonderful real and true soul artist. From 60s northern to 70s dancers , ballads, deep and pop hits this lady had them all under her belt. R.I.P Denise.
  5. harrogatesoul

    Wanted: Darryl Carter (Hi)

    Evening folks. After a copy of Darryl Carter - Looking Straight Ahead HI Think only demos exist. Will take a proper solid VG+ but please no writing \ label damage. Please PM with price & condition. Thanks!
  6. harrogatesoul

    Jewel Bass Tried It/All Good Things Malaco 1018 Price? Rare?

    Cheers Alan / Dylan. Surprised it's not had much showing on the web. Seems to be a proper tricky one!
  7. Nothing on discogs / eBay etc. Is it a hard one on Malaco? Thought there was a thread on this but can't find it. Any help much appreciated!
  8. harrogatesoul

    Nice Little Soulful List!!

    Afternoon all. Just a small list of some nice pieces of soulful 45s. All graded as per SS guidelines. VG+ will have surface marks etc but no scratches etc. I've bough M- 45s graded as my VG+. All nice clean labels unless stated. Paypal as F&F much appreciated. Paypal ID Any issues no quibble refund offered on return of disc. Postage £2.50 Recorded UK (Any amount) Insured up to £50. Orders over £50 ..
  9. harrogatesoul

    Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Good for you chaser hope they go well for you. With the love of vinyl etc these days you think\see there's a younger crowd or is it all us 40\50\60 + die hards? Lots of soul etc sold at your fairs?
  10. harrogatesoul

    Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Same for me Dylan these days - I'm an armchair collector / listener for a number of years as you know and I keep threatening to get out and about but bloody work always gets in the way! I miss the social side of collecting and know fairs these days are probably not what they were but interested all the same. Like the record hunting/discoveries thread stateside am sure there's stories out there from our own uk shores... One of the las..
  11. harrogatesoul

    Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Having spent my formative years going to fairs at venues such as The Griffin in Leeds , Roundhay, black music fairs in Manchester in the mid late eighties etc etc and only in the last ten or fifteen years visited fairs sporadically are fairs these days worth going to in this armchair / internet world we live in now? Working as a retail manager my weekends are work committed and the odd one I fancy going to falls on a work day us..
  12. harrogatesoul

    Bobby McClure Hi 45 Wanted. **SORTED**

    Hi ! Wanted: Bobby McClure She's Miss Wonderful \ Doing It Right On Time (Hi ISSUE) Will take a solid proper VG copy as a minimum. No writing on labels \ must play well for grading. Please PM with condition & price. Thanks! All sorted!!!
  13. harrogatesoul

    Almost Forgotten - Early 80's Allnighter Sounds

    Thanks for these Sean . I was too young for these days much to my regret! Fabulous records and 2 volumes to play whilst filing 45s and cleaning the house on Thursday! Fair few gone on the infinite wants list too.
  14. harrogatesoul

    Almost Forgotten - Early 80's Allnighter Sounds

    Fabulous full of soul mix Sean really enjoying it. Any chance of a playlist?