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  1. And to mine to. First record I'd buy if I won a few quid on the lottery.
  2. Afternoon folks. Quick list of soulful cheapies. P&P £2.50 Recorded delivery any amount. UK only at present. Sorry. PayPal as F&F appreciated or add 4%. PM to reserve. YouTube links for reference only. My vg+/++ are nice clean copies. Any issues 100% refund etc. Thanks! Rumple-Stilts-Skin - I Need You HEAT vg++ 15 (Nice early 80s stepper/ballad) https://youtu.be/I_rymUTDRU4 S. O. U. L This Time Around MUSICOR vg+ 15 (classic 70s soul) https://youtu.be/ZAkW65Sv7Kg Janeen Jordan Mr Magic Man LYNDELL vg++ 15 (Nice semi known early 70s dancer) https://youtu.be/h0rHFTirn2c Bobby Patterson Right Place Wrong Time ALL PLATINUM NM 5 (One of the best five quid 45s ever) https://youtu.be/XuTj4JhkDgU https://youtu.be/Z7pmYDwpHoE Otis Clay Special Kind Of Love UK PRESIDENT vg++ 12 (Fab 70s dancer. 2 good sides) https://youtu.be/DeU2HHLPeow https://youtu.be/Fu8134WOB2o Cheyenne Come Back To Me WAHWAH vg++ 10 (Album only before being reissued by wahwah. Rare groove classic) https://youtu.be/Hd-JyVqft70 Luv Is It Love RCA vg++ 12 (obscure 80s stepper/ballad) https://youtu.be/W5dN_1n3x3M The Reflections Are You Ready CAPITOL vg++8 (Fab 70s dancer!) https://youtu.be/ND6LrpMI68U Free Form Experience Blowin My Mind FREEFORM vg++ 10 SOLD! (Nice 70s group sweet ballad small amount of wear / damage on flip) https://youtu.be/VqUdqsi2R3Y
  3. Morning all. Just a quick four Soulful 45s. PM to reserve. PayPal as F&F appreciated. P&P £2.50 Recorded delivery any amount. UK only at present. Sorry. YouTube links for reference only. All EX unless stated. Some previous soulful sales also! Thanks for looking! Richard Tate Fill My Life With Love UK ABC VG++ 15 (Very nice blue eyed 70s soul. Not that well known. Have a listen!) Freddie Waters Groovin On My Baby's Love UK MINT £5 (Fab soulful summers groove) Maurice Starr When I Thought It Was Over Catawba 10 (Nice soulful 80s) Newcomers That's When You Know / Do Yourself A Favor (Mercury) £15 (2 great group soul sides from this fabulous group)
  4. Afternoon all. Found a box full of various soul mags at my folks house and have no need for them now. Postage per mag will be £1.80 BUT if you're buying a few I'll do it as cheap as possible (via Hermes for eg. Tracked) PayPal as F&F appreciated. Please PM to reserve. Will consider offers for the lot. If you need any further info and pics please pm. Happy to oblige. Got some soul related books to go through also! MANIFESTO £3 Each. Issues 34,35,46,47,48,49,50,53,54,55,58,60,62,81 TOGETHERNESS £3 Each (no cd's) Issues 6,10 N.SOUL £4 each issues 16,17 Shades of Soul £5 each Issues 13,17,21,25,27 These are all complete. Decent condition. The following are missing the last back page (I think) so are £4 each. Issue # 18,19,20 Detroit City Limits issue #4 £4 Thanks for looking!
  5. Afternoon folks Hope we're all well. Quick 10 x soulful cheapies. All at least EX nice and clean. P&P £2.50 Recorded UK only at present. Sorry. Paypal as F&F appreciated. PM to reserve. Thanks! 1. Jimmy Lewis - We Can Make It / Two Women (Tangerine) £8 (Nice deep side with a nice gritty more upbeat flip) Listen! Listen! 2. Smokey Robinson - Baby That's Backatcha (Tamla) £10 sold! (Fab 70s dancer. Love this!) Listen! 3. Lintons - Don't You Ever Walk Away / Lost Love (Erica) £5 (Two nice sweet soul sides from Chicago) Listen! Listen! 4.Otis Clay - I'm Satisfied / I Testify (One-DerFul) £8 (Nice copy of this tough double header of Chicago soul from Otis. Superb) Listen! Listen! 5. The Gaslight - I'm Only A Man / I'm Gonna Get You (Grand Junction) £12 (Nice uptempo 70s backed with a fab sweet flip) SOLD! Listen! Listen! 6. Eddie James - Her Mamma Wont Leave Me Alone (Startown) £12 (Gritty funky Tennessee dancer) Listen! 7. Main Ingredient - Everything Man (UK Power Exchange) £10 (Nice clean UK version of the Daybreak biggie. Name in pen on flip but small. You'll never play or see this side anyway!) Listen! 8. Lukas Lollipop - Don't Hold On To Someone (Loma) £10 (Lovely deep side) Listen! 9. Act IV - Bless You / A Better Man Than I (Cub) £8 (Dancer flipped with a less frantic group side - which I prefer!) Listen! Listen! 10. Brown Sugar - Don't Hold Back (Bullet) £5 (Clydie King on vocals. Neat cheap 70s groove) Listen! Listen!
  6. Why on earth you wouldn't go through John or Tim or Darren/Pat is anyone's guess. If you're buying or selling at that level you would know you'd get top prices without anyone paying commissions on purchases AND sales from these leading dealers. Seller can obviously afford to lose several thousands ££££.... Madness.
  7. JJ Barnes Love At First Sight / I Think I Got A Good Chance (Hatley 006) NM £80 Long deleted earlier issue from the fabulous Hayley label. Wonderful unissued A side with his rare and again wonderful Organic side on the flip. YouTube links for reference only but a lovely NM copy. Payment by PayPal F&F preferred otherwise add 4%. UK TRACKED POSTAGE INCLUDED. Pm to reserve.
  8. Jerry Ross - Of course. The romantic in me has me wishing Jackie Ross. Albeit a young Jackie. No more rabbit holes today but tomorrow is another day! Thanks Ken. From the very much missed Bob A - As ever a little nugget of info pulled from a YouTube post. sittinginthepark10 years ago nice record from Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago. Bobby Robinson, the producer, told me he talks to her every few years. she has a second record on Dee Dee also that is rarer but it's not as nice as this one.
  9. So I'm leaning towards the musicians could maybe have included The David Rockingham Trio? (discography Here! ) with the fore mentioned Rockingham on organ, Robinson himself on guitar and Shante Hamilton on drums. With jazz bassist Penny Pendleton involved it would be most probable that other local jazz session players were brought in. After all The Funk Brothers moonlighted all over the joint. Potentially others could have included members of Sam Chatmon & Sparks, The Tom Tones & The Troy Thompson Band - all jazz/R&B outfits. Incidentally, Penny Pendleton wrote one of the Tom Tones 45s so may well have been a member. Additionally, there is a 3rd Robinson, Frank, who is credited as a writer on a Tom Tones release on Dee Dee & a fourth! M Robinson credited on Valerie Lamars' I Don't Want Your Loving' . On the 'Shame' cut one of the co-writers is J Ross which I'd love to believe is Jackie Ross who was also managed by James Vanleer through parts of her career but I may be stretching there.
  10. Funnily enough I've just read that article. Stu Walder is all over chicago soul music in the 60s/70s as rightly pointed out with his work at Universal Recording Studio. See his work HERE! I'm currently away from my collection and books/magazines but there must be something in Robert Pruters book? Penny Pendleton crops up too and could well have played on the Dee Dee sides as he is an accomplished jazz bass player. His son followed in his footsteps; info HERE! Penny info HERE! Could the Dee Dee be Darlene Robinson? As credited on several sides...
  11. Some info HERE! on Johns' essential site re Ray Pettis which will lead you to HERE! for further info. Bobby Robinson being the Chicago 'one'. Unfortunately no mention of Ms Lamar. Copies of 'Gotta ' do get snapped up as Billy Jo Jim Bob states above. My own copy is VG at best but it's a keeper for me.
  12. Some fab soulful 45s for your perusal. Head to you tube etc for a listen. Properly graded. Any issues return for refund. 100% feedback on soul source. P&P £2.50 Recorded. £8 Special. EUROPE £5 Standard. £8 tracked. ROTW £10 Tracked. Payment by PayPal . PM to reserve. Orders over £20 must go tracked overseas for all our peace of mind. Thanks for looking! Some fabulous sides here! Compliments MIDAS VG+ £40 Na Allen PEDESTAL NM £15 Brotherhood MCA NM £25 Sean Taylor MAGIC TOUCH VG++ £20 Reality JUPITER VG++ £20 Brothers of Love INTREPID VG++ £20 Jonathan CATALYST VG++ £40 Cliff Gober BEAVER VG++ £40 George Soule FAME VG++ £25 Allean Varnado ICA VG++ £25 Rumplestiltskin HEAT VG++ £15 Village Choir SCM VG++ £25 Carla Thomas KENT NM £50 John Edwards KENT NM £50 Mighty Elegant JABER NM £50 SOLD!! Rose Williams/George Clinton FUNKADELIC VG+ £30 Freddie Paris RCA VG++ £15 Hoop n John FIREBIRD VG+ £20 Girls MEMPHIS NM £25
  13. Morning! super soulful winners in this blustery day. All graded correctly. All play great. Any issues feel free to return. 100% positive feedback. Photos also attached. I'm out for the day working and may not get back to you straight away but first come first served etc. Postage Uk recorded £3 £8 special uk. £12 ROTW. Carla Thomas I Play For Keeps/I'll Never Stop Loving You KENT 117 £70 NM NOW £60 John Edwards\Bill Brandon Tin Man\Streets Got My Lady KENT 115 £75 NM NOW £65 Mighty Elegant I Find Myself Falling In Love JABER 75 NM NOW £65 Icemen How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You ABC VG++ 80 NOW £70 (Some label wear but disc is fine.) Any questions feel free to ask on these super soulful winners!!
  14. Afternoon folks! A great selection of soulful 45s that wont cost the earth from the TK / Henry Stone family of labels with a sprinkling of Malaco sides too. All NM unless otherwise stated. All graded as per Soul Source grading standards. My VG++ is most peoples NM. I've had my VG+ sold to me as NM records....Any issues full no quibble refund inc. return postage. UK - All discs will be sent first class UK. @ £2.00 up to 3 discs. (Covered up to £20) For orders over £20 they will go recorded: add 75p Europe: £4.50 up to 3 45s then add 50p per 45 (Covered up to £20) Orders over £20 Tracked & Signed £9.00 ROW: £5.50 up to 3 45's then 50p for each 45 after that. Orders over £20 Tracked & Signed £12.00 PayPal via F&F appreciated. If not add 4%. Proof of postage is always obtained. 100% feedback here on SS. PayPal address is: soulful45s@gmail.com PM to reserve. You Tube links are for reference only - Apologies for the ad's at the beginning at some of the clips. 1. Betty Wright - Sometime Kind Of Thing / You Can't See For Lookin' (Alston) £4 (Wonderful florida soul ballads with Betty bang on form.) Hear! Hear! 2. Facts Of Life - Did He Make Love To You Pt1/Pt2 (Kayvette) £3 (Fabulous Millie Jackson produced southern soulful mightyness!) Hear! 3. Facts Of Life - Looks Like We Made It / Lost Inside Of You (Kayvette) £3 (Another pair of soulful ballads from this great group) Hear! Hear! 4. Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau Pt1/Pt2 (Alston) £5 (Classic miami funk) Hear! 5. Jackie Moore - Tired Of Hiding (Kayvette) £3.50 (Fabulous soul from Jackie. Real soul! Clarence Reid produced) Hear! 6. Latimore - Dig A Little Deeper / Let Me Go (Glades) £3.50 (Just wonderful down tempo soulfulness. Both sides!) Hear! Hear! 7. Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love (Clouds) £12 (Classic rare grooves. Fab stuff) Hear! 8. Dorothy Moore - Daddy's Eye's / For Old Times Sake (Malaco) £3 (Nice mid-tempo cut from Dot backed with Fred Knights southern soul classic) Hear! Hear! 9. Timmy Thomas - What Can I Tell Her (Glades) VG++ £6 (Superb deep/soul ballad from TT. Also done by JP Robinson. Hear! 10. Frederick Knight - When It Aint Right With My Baby (Juana) £10 (Nice mid tempo modern soul from FK. Hear! 11. Controllers - Reaper / If Somebody Cares (Juana) £3 (Nice funky dancer on A - Real nice group ballad on flip. Wonderful vocals) Hear! Hear! 12. Latimore - Just One Step (Glades) £3 (Another nice mellow ballad groove from Latimore) Hear! 13. Latimore - Out To Getcha / Long Distance Love (Glades) £3 (The man hits a nice southern feel good strolling groove on the A. Great southern groovin' ballad on flip) Hear! Hear! 14. Controllers - Feeling A Feeling / Somebody's Gotta Win (Juana) £3 (Nice mellow group soul both sides. Nice!) Hear! hear! 15. Controllers - Sho Nuff A Blessin' / Heaven Is Only One Step Away (Juana) £4 (Funkyish dancer on A but flip is a great mellow cut of fine group soul) Hear! Hear! 16. King Floyd - I Feel Like Dynamite / Handle With Care (Chimneyville) £5 (Tough funky southern strutter! Lovely deep flip) Hear! Hear! 17. King Floyd - Everybody Needs Love / Woman Don't Go Astray (Chimneyville) £3 (2 Southern strutters!) Hear! Hear! 18. King Floyd - Here It Is / Think About It (Chimneyville) £4 (More southern soul from KF) Hear! Hear! 19. Clarence Reid - Baptize Me In Your Love / Whatever It Takes (Alston) £6 (Nice 70s dancer with CR's great vocals. Funky strutter on flip) Hear! Hear! 20. McKinley Mitchell - Days Got Brighter (Chimneyville) £20 (Tough southern dancer. Great raspy rough vocals from MM. Hear! 21. David Hudson - Must I kill Her (Alston) £10 (Great miami soul ballad/deep. Wonderful stuff) Hear! 22. Dorothy Moore - Girl Overboard (Malaco) £8 (70s soul groove classic. Don't forget the Sam Dees penned soulful flip) Hear! Hear! 23. Dealers - I'm For You / We Want To Get Through (Muscle Shoals Sound) £4 (Nice sweet ballad. Funky flip) Hear! Hear! 24. Tommy Tate - We Don't (Juana) £5 (Wonderful soulful cut from this much missed soul man. Brilliant. Just brilliant) Hear! 25. Mighty Sam - Never Too Busy / Mr & Mrs Untrue (Malaco) £10 (Brassy struttin southern dancer backed with some classic Malaco flavoured southern soul) Hear! Hear!

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