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  1. Nice Little Soulful List!!

    Afternoon all. Just a small list of some nice pieces of soulful 45s. All graded as per SS guidelines. VG+ will have surface marks etc but no scratches etc. I've bough M- 45s graded as my VG+. All nice clean labels unless stated. Paypal as F&F much ap...
  2. Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Good for you chaser hope they go well for you. With the love of vinyl etc these days you think\see there's a younger crowd or is it all us 40\50\60 + die hards? Lots of soul etc sold at your fairs?
  3. Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Same for me Dylan these days - I'm an armchair collector / listener for a number of years as you know and I keep threatening to get out and about but bloody work always gets in the way! I miss the social side of collecting and know fairs these days are probab...
  4. Current Record Fairs - Any good?

    Having spent my formative years going to fairs at venues such as The Griffin in Leeds , Roundhay, black music fairs in Manchester in the mid late eighties etc etc and only in the last ten or fifteen years visited fairs sporadically are fairs these days worth ...
  5. Bobby McClure Hi 45 Wanted. **SORTED**

    Hi ! Wanted: Bobby McClure She's Miss Wonderful \ Doing It Right On Time (Hi ISSUE) Will take a solid proper VG copy as a minimum. No writing on labels \ must play well for grading. Please PM with condition & price. Thanks! A...
  6. Almost Forgotten - Early 80's Allnighter Sounds

    Thanks for these Sean . I was too young for these days much to my regret! Fabulous records and 2 volumes to play whilst filing 45s and cleaning the house on Thursday! Fair few gone on the infinite wants list too.
  7. Almost Forgotten - Early 80's Allnighter Sounds

    Fabulous full of soul mix Sean really enjoying it. Any chance of a playlist?
  8. Tommy Tate; Sad news

    Amen to that john. So many great under rated \ unknown singers have passed on not fully knowing , if at all, just how much their work means to people to this day around the globe. Thankfully I think and hope tommy knows this. A legend. A true master of his cr...
  9. Top 100 Soul LP's Articles

    Many thanks John much appreciated.
  10. Top 100 Soul LP's Articles

    Thanks Paul much appreciated. May have thought wrong about the ITB list!
  11. Top 100 Soul LP's Articles

    I've yet to get johns book but that is more of an a-z (first half) from memory. Think it was john who did the voices article , and the ITB list from various contributions?
  12. Top 100 Soul LP's Articles

    Evening! I don't have my magazines collection here and I need the Top 100 soul LP's listings from Voices & In The Basement if anyone has them to hand (think they both did one?!) I thought there was a thread on here but I can't seem to find one? Than...
  13. Tavares and Freda Payne

    Brilliant Enrico.
  14. Tavares and Freda Payne

    Tavares suffer in the eyes and ears of many because they happened to have some success! God forbid! SOUL collectors know different. Some fantastic tracks mentioned. I'd add 'I Hope She Chooses Me' 'Watchin The woman's Movement' Great soul and cheap as chips.
  15. Pat Brady mid 80s cover ups

    Sounds right thinking about it. Actually I may be thinking of a version of 'Open the door to your heart' covered as Steve mancha by pat around that time.