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    Soul Music Of Course! Mainly Deep,Sweet & Southern Soul!

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  1. harrogatesoul

    Frances Nero 70's repress ?.

    I've bought from this guy before with same description. All I've bought are originals. For an 'expert' his descriptions certainly aren't exactly accurate!
  2. harrogatesoul

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    That's really useful and fantastic advice. Thanks!
  3. harrogatesoul

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Home / hi-fi use really. To be honest wouldn't know where to start as a budget. £100? As to a new turntable for downstairs approx 200. While I'm at it I'd also have a budget of say another 300 for amp/speakers etc for the downstairs set up. Many thanks!
  4. harrogatesoul

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Seens as I've got the attention of audiophiles I've got a set of gemini pt2000 decks. Could someone point me in the right direction as the best general cartridges and needles. Not top end money I'm on a budget but a good safe set up? Also thinking of a new deck for downstairs for around 200? Thanks in advance.
  5. Would assume on release date of 23/11 or sometime shortly after. As many others can't wait for the next installment to land on the doormat.
  6. harrogatesoul

    what is the current value of theese two

    A M- copy went through eBay in June for £238. Edit: sorry that was for the Mark Loyd.
  7. Received.. Played.. Filed next to Diggin Deep 1. Awaiting number 3! Brilliant stuff!
  8. Great stuff. Thats tomorrow's day off listening to look forward to whilst finishing off re filing my 45s. (only taken 4 days off to finish...) Look forward to filing the 2nd Diggin Deep.
  9. Both sides on the clip. Edited obviously so those nerfarious booters/pirates don't make hay I assume. Got to say I'm torn between which side I prefer! But glad to be adding both to the groaning shelves at Harrogate towers!
  10. Another special and great 45. Ordered as soon as the mailshot came through. Can't wait yet again!
  11. harrogatesoul

    RIP Aretha

    Can't express how it feels right now losing an icon, a legend and a lady who brought so much to our soul music infected lives. Her influence on me as a collector and soul music lover is undeniable and unmeasureable. Say hi to Bobby W for my wonderful Queen of soul. Rest in peace. X
  12. harrogatesoul

    Ebay playing up?

    Not just me then. Still all messed up for me though. Thanks for the reply.
  13. harrogatesoul

    Ebay playing up?

    My usual searches on my phone/tablet don't throw up hardly any listings. My soul 45s on auction ending soon search brings up hardly anything?? Usually its 5000 items. Checked filters etc but all seems a bit cock. Anyone else having issues? (apologies if in wrong forum)
  14. harrogatesoul

    Diggin' Deep - New Soul Label - Limited Edition Soul 45's

    Can only echo the sentiments above. Wonderful addition to the collection and looking forward to the next installment!
  15. harrogatesoul

    Diggin' Deep - New Soul Label - Limited Edition Soul 45's

    Ordered! Excited! Good luck to you guys on what is an exciting label in anticipation! Rich


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