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    In the sixties I used to go to many places to see bands . Mainly Clouds in Derby and The Dungeon in Nottingham . Also went to Talk of The Town to see Supremes , Stevie Wonder and also The Temptations. Whilst these three were definitely the original artists several bands I saw were not . Saw the Original Drifters , the Fabulous Temptations , The Velours amongst others   . I have aseveral photos and on the back it does say Vibrations . It was a threesome . I also got backstage and talked to one band who told me they were Sam Culley , Ervin Waters and Tom Price . I recognised the names as the artists Sam , Erv and Tom who had a hit Soul Teacher which I had imported from Soul City in London. Anyone got any thoughts on whether this could have been the same band . I can supply photos to anyone interested. Also have photos of Mad Lads , Ben E King , Geno Washington , 

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  1. Saw loads of gigs at Clouds from the opening night . Steam Packet with Rod Stewart , Mad Lads , Showstoppers , Original Drifters ( who knows ) Geno Washington as well as Garnet Mimms , who went on twice and did exactly the same set after 4 of us pleaded with him and the promoters to go on stage again . Have photos of Ben E King , The Who , Small Faces , The Action taken at The Dungeon in Nottingham

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