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  1. Was invited to come up to Warrinton when I met Moz and the gang at the Parr Hall last year. Its is always an extremely daunting prospect DJing at a venue thats established and over 2 hours outside your comfort zone. The nerves were compounded when Moz rang me last month to inform me of the sudden passing of John. I only met John fleetingly at Parr Hall on the stage and was mindfull that as Mays Northern Line was in memory of Biff, I presumed that Moz et al would want closer aquaintances to DJ on this poiniant evening. Having met Moz and Ben and chatting in the bar at Parr Hall I had been looking forward to coming up to Warrington. Me Colin (tooled up) Brindle and Rob ( I shouldve worn my other sheos) Davidson set off from Kettering at 16.30, as we didnt want to be late for the 19.30 kick off. Derek Higham had told me in the week that the M6 has been a cow recently. Consequently we arrived at 18.40hrs. Parked up and walked to the venue. Sitting outside the venue was a couple in flourescent garments looking like a Cyndy Lauper tribute band!!!!!!!!!!! Were we in the right place? Thankfully the members bar was open so we went in and bought a drink. On enquiring ref the couple outside the barmaid told us that there was an 80's themed 30th Birthday bash on in ONE of the venues halls. She then informed us to our collective relief that the Northern Line was being held in the "Big Hall" upstairs. We went upstairs with our beers to await the arrival of Moz and get the proceedings underway. The doors were locked and the lights out in the room so we couldnt see how it was. One of the bar staff came up to set the bar and put the lights on. We all ventured in and "WOW" what a hall, blooming huge and perfectly laid out, if only we had one like it in Northamptonshire. As we got there SO early ( you have to be there for the start when you DJ, not being is simply rude) we could see first hand how quickly the room filled up and the dancing started from the off. As I said after Barnsley in February "You always get a warm welcome up North" and Warrington on Saturday was NO exception. Admittedly there was a slight shadow over the evening due to Biff being in everyones thoughts but I personally believe that the DJ's can feel comfortable in the fact that they did John proud. Great that Derek travelled over always good to see him and Jo and Dave from Sheffield, shame you had to get away early. and thankyou for putting my name forward to Moz. The best way I can endorse how good the evening was is simply that Colin enjoyed the night and he is the hardest man to please that I know. Well done to all, a truly belting evening and you can hold your heads high in the knowledge that John would'nt have been able to sit down upstairs watching over you Saturday night. Very kind regards Kev ( dont do modern) Such P.S. Pete dont forget to play the other side of that tune mate, its a belter,
  2. Setting off at 16.30hrs. Couple of hours just over driving. See you all in a few hours to pay our repsects. Kev (Dont do Modern) Such
    Morning. Me and Rob Davidson 2 hours up and nearly 3 back. But boy was it worth it. Its a daunting prospect to stand on a stage where 250+ people are thinking Kev who? But they do say "You'll always get a warm welcome up North". We cant argue with that especially after last night. Before I went on at 11pm, someone asked me if I was nervous? I replied "always am mate". He said in reply "Dont worry kid, just play some Motown" with a smile. I said "I havent got any Motown". Didnt need it though. I could lay a plethera of platitudes at Junction 36's feet and write and inordinate essay about the positives of this club. But the best way I can sum up my experience of last night is. If you're feeling a bit disallusioned regarding "The Northern Soul Scene", you've lost your Mojo and you want to get it back. Go to Junction 36 and you'll get it back within 20 minutes of walking in the door. Thankyou for the invite, thoroughly enjoyed my self and Robs feet didnt hurt once in his new dancing shoes.
  3. kev such

    Charity Cream Cracker,

    Letter received from Scotty's in acknowledgement of the £600 you lot raised at The Cream Cracker. Well done peeps top form. Kev
  4. kev such

    Charity Cream Cracker,

    Well what can I say except You blooming marvelous lot!!!!!!!!!! You raised £600 which I paid into Scotties Little Soldiers bank account yesterday. I truly cannot thank you all enough for turning out on Saturday to make the final Cream Cracker such a belting night. In all honesty I didnt want to stop once I was up there spinning and am SO gratefull to everyone who stuck it out till 02.30am. We've had a great 10 years I think and Saturdays ended us on a high. Thankyou to the DJ's who gave their time for free couldnt have done it without you, otherwise it would have been some short bald chap playing for 6 1/2 hours. I might have had to dip into my Modern box to cover that amount of time. So once again thankyou for my gifts ( cant get the badge off Helen Nisbet) my new tankard from the Stalkers, and a huge chocalate button like a record player. I was seriously speechless, which doesnt happen often haha.Thankyou also to Mr Dave Crawley for capturing the night in his photos. But mainly a huge thankyou to the Jacobs that have supported Cream Cracker over the years and I hope that we can look back on it with good memories. Kev (Dont do modern) Such
  5. kev such

    Charity Cream Cracker,

    Top form mate, looking forward to seeing you both later. Thankyou for guesting for the Jacobs.
  6. kev such

    Charity Cream Cracker,

    Over the past 10 years we've had the pleasure of Al Shaw, Ted Massey, Phil Richards, Wayne Moseley, Chris Thorley, Moldie, Alan Leighton, Mark DArcy, Mark Wilson, Scouse Pete, Pete French, Johnny Redpants, Bob Snow, Bob Lee, Chris Preedy, Tommy Taylor, Colin Brindle, Micheal D Cooper, Andy Martin,Kris Sikora, Marco Martinelli, David Hayden, Andy Smith, Andy Powell, Pete Cathy Lyster, Adrian "Bully" Bull, Steve Johnston, Steve Stephen Smiggy Smith, Shane Kent, Kev Kent, Kevin Higham, Derek Higham, Dave Weir, Matt Sneath,Molly, Jon Willis, Mark Sargeant, John McDade, John McClure, Andy Pollard, Steve Heinsen, Karl Boddington, Steve Brown, Jem Britton, Nidge Miscialli, Ian James, Hammie, Bearsy, Pete Gent, Glyn Whitbread, Mellors, Mark D, Steve Sturgess, Dr Pickles, Martin Stanford, Mr Tony Warot, Charlie and Tabs, Daz Dakin,Trev Davison, Pete Neal, Mick Esson, Mick Moylan, Gus ( from Nottingham), Kyp, and Neal( Peterborough).Bringing you the best in 60's Northern and RnB, ( wether that be rare, Obscure, Overplayed, Underplayed, Oldies, Classic or top 500) and a couple of sneaky modern things once or twice. We've given out 10 compilation Anniversay CD's and the Jacobs have raised a good few thousand £'s for good causes. So all in all we aint done too bad I suppose. See you on the 21st to get "Cream Crackered".
  7. until

    Have a great weekend peeps. No Tarantinos etc.... for me and Karen. We are off to Germany to see whats a happening over there, musically. Oh and play a few of mine. Regards Kev ( dont do modern, even in Germany) Such
  8. I nearly spat my tea out when I read the txt sent me that Epitome of Sound had gone for a grand!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Im a tea connoisseur so wouldnt waste it generally. I have absolutely no idea why tunes have gone bonkers in price. I bet the percentage of their rise in purchase price ( not value ) must be greater than property in relation. Did it start when a boot of Jimmy Mack went for £152.00, or has the film and over exposer on TV and media been a contributing factor? Probably, probably not. The worse thing is that WILL the prices for tunes paid for a vast majority set a precedance in the furture or as in house prices will the bubble explode? Will the price guide books etc... be ammended and show these totally rediculously inflated prices in them from now on? Then again a tune is SURELY only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them. I noticed a post on FB a while ago where someone stated that "I dont buy originals as they are TOO expensive so I dj with copies, they sound the same"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO many events? I suppose, are they having a diverse effect? I didnt used to think they did, but they do. The monthly events with the SAME 5 guys playing the SAME tunes every month. Whats the bloody point? In February at Cream Cracker the guest dj's were from Bristol, Somerset, Gloucester, Kettering and Wellingborough, . Quiet a good mix of guests I thought all bringing tunes we wouldnt normally hear locally ( To me). We had less than 70 people in, which as arrogant as this is, was a miserable turnout for Cream Cracker ( we get 75 each time, at least). People didnt attend as there was a local ( to them ) event on playing Motown etc... or they didnt recognise any of the dj's. And there in lies the hub. We have gotten into a trap of as was previously stated "Blinkered" mentallity. Where the vast majority of people WILL only attend an event on their doorstep ( and if its on EVERY month and they know what they are getting) why should they travel further than the end of their town? Also when you get monthly events with the same guys on and only charge £2 or so entry, if you have top of their game, upcoming or travelling DJ's who's expenses you need to cover as a promoter you are on a losing game before you open your doors. For a good portion of promoters its never been about prestige or money. But you have to as a promoter make your guests journey, no matter how far that may be, be financially viable and worthy of the tunes they bring with them. OK OK so I'll be slated for saying that and I dare say we all do it for the love etc... However what I mean is simply that if a guest has travelled however far to come to your club, as a promoter you're not expecting them to do it for free. And if the majority of your crowd have decided to go to the Monthly, across the board Motown et al event the weeks either side of your event you may ned to go to the cashpoint to cover your costs. Thats the point at which its not fun anymore. Kev ( dont do modern) Such
  9. At Corby Masonic Complex, Rockingham Rd, Corby. Northants. NN17 1AD 8pm to 2.30am 60's / 70's Northern and RnB DJ's Pete Watkins, 8pm to 8.45pm Glyn Richards 8.45pm to 9.30pm Colin Brindle 9.30pm to 10.15pm Al Shaw 10.15pm to 11pm Marco and Dave Hayden 11pm to 12.30am Dave Raistrick 12.30am to 1.30am Kev Such 1.30am to 2.30am £5 On the door, with ALL takings going to Scotties Little Soldiers. This will be the final Cream Cracker and hopefully we will raise a respectable amount for a very worthy cause which we have supported for a few years now. So for the final time lets get "Cream Crackered" and feel we've done a good thing in the process.
  10. I have sorted out my 40 minutes of mellow soulfull tunes for the bar area, along with uptempo 60's for the main room. See you all Sunday, I'll be there from the off. Kev ( dont do modern) Such
    After an uneventfull drive down we arrived at 7.30pm. Always best to get to an event at the start to show respect to the promoters and to listen to the other DJ's. After all you'd want them to stay to listen to you. Al Shaw was on 9pm to10pm, on him realising he had bought the wrong box I expected him to do a 70's / 80's funk edged latin orientated spot. But Mr Al Shaw is an extremely unassuming man and NEVER ceases to amaze me as to what his Narniaesque box contains. Chris and his team know their supporters instinctively and the relaxed lets just have fun attitude to the club is testemant to their continued hard work. I was very kindly given the 10pm to 11pm spot which as the licence hadnt been finalised meant we had to finish at 12am. Which meant an hour and a half earlier finishing. So it was the dj's job to attempt to give the same quality of music over a shorter period thereby hopefully that no-one would notice as they'd be too exhausted and totally danced out by 12pm. I think we pulled it off judging by the sweaty faces in there at end of night. at 12.15am we said our goodbyes and me and Al set off home. First to my house, drop me off then onto somewhere in Birmingham I think. The M25 was closed at the M1 so we had to turn around and get back to Kettering, via the M40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in at 3am this morning having been picked up at 5pm Saturday afternoon, Ihave no idea what time Al got in but I should imagine he saw the Sun come up. We both agreed the trip had been extremely worthwhile, the banter etc... was second to none all round and The Farnborough crowd made us feel very welcome and I realised whilst there that I had left it far too long since my last visit. Top form guys and thanks again for the invite.
  11. until

    Bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. until

    Do us a favour Pete, and stick The Imperial C's in ya box mate, Thanks and see you and Cath there. Kev

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