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  1. Martin Freeman - Freeman is a big fan of soul, motown and jazz music, presenting an episode of BBC Two's The Culture Show in 2009 entitled "Martin Freeman Goes To Motown".[33] He has also selected music in the past for a motown compilation entitled Made To Measure[34] and has recently worked on a jazz compilation with friend Eddie Piller entitled Jazz On The Corner, which was released on Acid Jazz Records on 23 March 2018, featuring tracks by musicians including Kamasi Washington and The Brand New Heavies.[35] The pair presented Craig Charles' Funk and Soul Show on 31 March.[36] In 2019 a follow-up album to Jazz on the Corner was announced, entitled Soul on the Corner featuring tracks by artists including Leroy Hutson and Bobby Womack
  2. Yeah I know there is a few.... PLEASE APPEND TO THE LIST TVM...... I KNOW THERE ARE A COUPLE OF THREADS HERE WITH SOME NAME I'LL APPEND THOSE IF I MAY.. Steve Davis Lenny Henry Chuka Umunna Jay Blades [The Repair Shop] ? Lee Hirst Chris Hughton Les Ferdinand
  3. Can you name any Soul Music Loving Celebrities not just one genre eg Northern , TVM.....
  4. Binky


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