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  1. Louise Davis ( Checkmate )

    Louise Davis - Yallaw Jacket - Checkmate . VG copy or better, as long as it sounds alright, I'll consider it ! Cheers !

    If he's already found one, I'm keen to take it !
  3. Lobster Madras

  4. Wanted - Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart/ Hitting On Nothing - Minit

    Yes Crogger please find Stompin' a copy... would make his day and ensure my copy is safe in the collection, free from tempting offers
  5. Trade Martin - Stallion Original

  6. Trade Martin - Stallion Original

    Trade Martin - She put the hurt on me / Son of a millionaire - Stallion stamped original - Ex - £140 plus recorded post . Payment; Paypal
  7. Sods And Odds And Beauties

    Sales.. November Soul Generation --- Hold on ---- Grapevine demo -- Ex £15 Doris Troy --- Whatcha gonna do about it -- Black UK London At 4011 - Ex £12 Sand Pebbles-- Love power ----------- UK Track vg++ £10 Cooperettes -- Shing-...
  8. Lorignac Soul Mecca

    Episode 5 in a popular series of events... Across the board sounds... Northern- Deep Funk- R&B- Latin- Ska rocksteady- Crossover.. superb welcome from the Doublon as always
  9. Joanne Garrett- Whatcha Been Doing

    If I wait another year then I'll get sick of hearing that rubbish soundclip on you tube, and give up ! been looking for 2 years ...I missed your spare copy back then Adam, not sure I can go for for a copy @ 150 ... But then again, if I manage to rustle up th...
  10. Joanne Garrett- Whatcha Been Doing

    Been looking for 2 years... missed so many by a hairs tooth !
  11. Joanne Garrett- Whatcha Been Doing

    Joanne Garrett- whatcha been doing - Duo.. Just missed one again !!
  12. Mixed Wants

    Adam Leaver has a Tabby Thomas ..
  13. Cooperettes/ Big Joe Turner £8 Others Reduced Plus New Additions

    Added some new ones and reduced the prices on others !
  14. Cooperettes/ Big Joe Turner £8 Others Reduced Plus New Additions

    Hi Glyn, PM'd you !
  15. Doris Troy - Cameo Parkway Uk Issue

    Doris Troy - "I'll do anything ( he wants me to do )" - Cameo Parkway UK. backed with "And I love Him" In beautiful strong Ex condition, solid centre , labels clean with original red and black and white Cameo parkway sleeve . £140 Sold sold sold !! ...

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