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  1. Cant wait for this, the 5th Anniversary. Should be a brilliant night
  2. The best Saturday soul night around. Cant wait
  3. Steve Reilly and Alexis Vanlee will be a night not to be missed. Cant wait
  4. Always a brilliant night. Fantastic mix of music
  5. Audenshaw Soul Club party time. So looking forward to this one. Should be a fantastic night
  6. Can't wait. Always a fantastic night. Brilliant atmosphere, brilliant music. Starting Christmas with a bang. See you there !!!
  7. Great venue
  8. See you tomorrow Alex
  9. Absolute tune. Underplayed.
  10. Fantastic venue. Always a brilliant night. Can't wait for Saturday. Best venue around in my opinion
  11. Really looking forward to Audenshaw Soul Club on 19th October. Always a fantastic night
  12. Fantastic night thanks Steve. Can't wait for next month

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