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  1. Do singles sell better individually or as a batch? I guess as a batch they would lose some value?
  2. What would be the value of this poorly loved re-issue?
  3. The Furys - Just A Little Mixed Up / I'm Satisfied With You bootleg. Any value? Nice sounds both sides.
  4. Luther Ingram & The G-Men ‎– I Spy (For The F.B.I.) / Foxy Devil - There seems to be 3 versions of this and I'm guessing I have least valuable
  5. I had to source a "live" version to work out which was what.
  6. Can a Mod delete this please? Posted twice.
  7. That is pretty funky! It's amazing what those Belgians can do with their organs!!
  8. I can't make my mind up which side I like best but I guess it would depend on whether you're dancin' or romancin'. I do rather wish I'd happened upon an original copy. I could sell it and replace the 2 crates of vinyl I threw out when CD's were invented
  9. I think you're correct and as a result there are now a number of misleading versions of The Kid-that-is-actually-Holiday on Youtube.
  10. Cracking tunes both sides. This is the bootleg version. Any fans? It's not easy to get a firm price on this version. Any ideas?
  11. André Brasseur - Holiday/ The Kid Not a big fan. A bit of a trudge in the sludge. All 60’s sitcom background naivety and not much testosterone. It’s a nice copy. Lovely sound with standard low-level crackles. Any fans? Any idea of value?
  12. Thanks again! If I want advice about singles should I post them on this forum? I'm chomping at the bit!!
  13. Thanks, Mike! How do I post photographs?
  14. Is it cool to get advice about the value of vinyl on here? I've never sold vinyl before and although I can source prices for releases, I still don't feel confident about selling stuff.

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