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  1. Bit late really I suppose but I've just noticed the 'recorded live' tag on the Mike Moreton album. If that's true then those musos are farglin' brilliant, irrespective of who's best, you have to admire the talent.
  2. Whoever recorded it first is obviously the best since the other three have done little else than cover it almost note for note.
  3. It always seems wrong when someone younger than me dies first. Especially when they're also more talented than me...
  4. Not just one. Two other people bid over £100.
  5. Blimey! Well done, it's the B-side of 'Hey boy'. I only listened to it once and that was once too often, but I think I wore the A side through to the B anyway.
  6. I'm not wild about 'Plenty of nothing', but I rather like 'Think love'. Might have to buy it.
  7. One and a half thou for 'I'm not strong enough'? 'Scuse me, I'm just fitting the words 'more', 'money', and 'sense' into a well known phrase or saying...
  8. The Japanese version of Aura's self-titled CD with the bonus track is often offered for stupid money, but I don't think it actually sells. I paid about £25 for it from someone who actually wanted to sell it.
  9. Erk! I've only ever listened to that in the car, and I've never noticed. I feel such a fool.
  10. I've been clearing my Ebay wants list and there are three songs on there that I must have put on in the very early days. I'm only guessing but I think I probably heard these songs on early internet radio and not known what they were, so I put as much as I could remember onto the wants list in the hope that they might come up. I've now bought one of them, and identified another, but the one labelled 'Victorians travelled' has me stumped. It might not even have been the Blossoms Victorians, but I do think it was a girl group. Ring any bells anyone?
  11. I could've sworn I had that, but there's so many similar covers and titles. Was it CD or LP?
  12. The Wrecking Crew certainly worked with more than one bass at a time, although I think that was only on 'Wall of sound' recordings. I'm not an expert on Gold Star Studios I'm afraid...
  13. They're getting their act together nowadays I'm afraid. I now work on the principle that I will get caught for tax when I import.
  14. Not for me I'm afraid. Too slow, too electric, and too expensive.

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