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  1. Video of the dance floor at 4pm - just image what it's going to look like full swing tonight! Great venue, great floor. 8eb81856-8f7a-4681-84e2-c3581c357ef5.mp4
  2. Yep, still tickets available. Can pay on the door
  3. Hi Naomi! I may well have to take you up on that - will send you a message Sege
  4. Yep. Tickets available on the door
  5. Just to clear something up: you do not have to dance for 24-hours non-stop! I’m not sure that there are many professional athletes that could even manage that. 24 SOUL is on for 24 hours non-stop. During that time It’s entirely up to you how often you want to dance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t dance at all. The important thing is, with your attendance, we are raising money. Having said that, it would be fantastic if between us all we could keep the dancefloor going for 24 hours, with the help of everyone dancing at all different times, to support each and every DJ that
  6. So close I can almost taste it
  7. Bring stamina. And good shoes Yep. They'll be available to buy at the venue!
  8. Tickets are also available on the door as long as we have any left!
  9. I really need to do some thank yous to the following people for help with this event: Ginger Taylor, Terry Westhead, John Poole, Snowy, Nige Brown, Ted Massey, Brian Rae, Marco Martinelli, Mick Bennett, John Barker, Pete Davis, Mark & Debbie Wilson, The Willinghams, Hammie, Kev & Denise Draper, Brent & Ethan, Sam Evans, Kevin Higham, Mick Taylor, Rob Smith, Tony Dellar, Mopsey, Daz Dakin, Taz, Brian Goucher, David Hayden, Martin Calderbank, Kev Such and Dean Fox for their amazing support and agreeing to kindly DJ at this event FREE OF CHARGE, helping to make sure we all have a
  10. Don't forget that this is a *24-hour* soul event. An alldayer + allnighter. Starts at 12 noon on Saturday 1st February 2020 and finishes at 12 noon Sunday 2nd February.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have 33 DJs for this event and they're some of the best in the country. Below is their set times:
  12. A few photos of the venue at Wicksteed Park, Kettering:
  13. Here's the confirmation letter from Great Ormond Street hospital confirming that the event is raising money for the charity.
  14. Actually, Stephen, if you send me a private message on here or on Facebook I'll make sure you get a ticket
  15. Hi Stephen, There are tickets on the door, but only if they haven't sold out in advance. Sege

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