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    the list is endless !
  1. I found this sad inscription from Bachelor Brad on his one and only 45? Is anything known about Brad. the writing is not clear but reads - Remember me Bob To Big Bob a friend until the end from Bachelor Brad bb . 6/10/75
  2. franky m

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    They have even filed out 3 notches for the 3 prong center !!!!
  3. franky m

    George Hughley - Do The Beatle - Sound quality

    Thanks guys for the info , I guess i,ll keep the copy I have , and stop looking for a better one .
  4. Do all copys on Gaye play with some background hiss , that cuts in and out ? I have checked a few on you tube and they are all not that good , are there clean copys out there for sale ?
  5. franky m

    Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    Hi bro , sent your record on monday , i hope it reaches you ,,,,,, live on Bob
  6. Had this saved in my ebay watch list last week , its a new one to my ears , it was a bit warped and fried , but it sold for £2.5 k , did this precede the Jimmy Robbins / Roy Wright releases ?
  7. franky m

    Inexpensive Records For Big Djs?

  8. franky m

    Inexpensive Records For Big Djs?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NbLZ_GpZ5I cheap as chips!
  9. franky m

    Record Collections - Sell Now Before The Market Drops

    The fact that the doo wop market collapsed is no suprise , it was a short lived musical genre and only appealed to people of a certain generation , and cant be compared to the 60,s / 70,s US black american musical output , spanning many styles of music of which northern soul was carefully selected, new scenes are popping up all the time , not just in the UK , and classic soul and funk and music we call northern soul is still being plagiarized by chart topping singers Maybe the northern scene as we know it may change , but i,m sure the demand for rare soul vinyl will continue
  10. Alfred o - do what you wanna do / a vacation from love Mo Do a nice EX copy , has plug and an x in felt pen on the do what you wanna do side £140 + 2.60 recorded delivery
  11. franky m

    Postage Prices On Ebay

    Hi Boba , if i,m sending a high value 45 to the states from the UK, and i declare full value on the customs sticker do you guys get hit with import tax ?
  12. franky m

    This Correct?

    He has a massive list of all his previous buyers email addresses , and always sends out a notification email before his listing
  13. franky m

    Ebay 0 Feedback Bidders

    I have a listing on ebay, and a record i know will sell , has been bid up by a buyer with zero feedback , and has only had an ebay account for 2 days , in my listing i asked buyers with less than 10 feedback score contact me first ( but he didnt), he has a paypal account and is based in canada , should i block his bids or let it roll ? Any advice would be much appreciated
  14. franky m

    Majjestees On Mutt - Re-Issue

    this is the numero uno box set 45 , matrix num45 z1b 18381 it was the only 45 in the box that was pressed off center and was warped.........


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