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    I bought my first Soul album (James Brown's live lp, "Revolution of the Mind") when I was 12 years old, in 1972. I have been collecting my kind of music, ever since!

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    James Brown, but I like everything, if it's really Soul, R&B, or Funk music!
  1. Everyone, I did get a response from the people at Record Research. I believe this is one mystery that we can now mark as closed: "Yes, that record was a made-up copyright trap. It doesn’t exist. We have taken it out of subsequent editions."
  2. Hello to all, I am happy to be a new member of the group! I just wanted you to know that today I sent a query to Joel Whitburn's Record Research, regarding this rather extraordinary (apparently) missing record. I will let you all if and when I get a response! Following is what I wrote: Hello... I am contacting you regarding an entry in your Top Black/R&B Singles book. I have the 1996 edition. There is an entry for a group called The Indigos on page 207. There is a song listed as "Tired of Crying Over You" that was supposedly on the chart for 2 weeks, with a debut date of December 3, 1966. The catalog # is Date 1531. Since my copy of the book include a list of revisions, I know that mistakes are sometimes made in your listings. I am questioning whether this is a real record. When I checked on 45cat, there is a Date 1531, but it is a completely different listing. The record is not found on either You Tube or Spotify, and a collector from the UK posted in 2016 that he has never come across a verified copy or heard the tune. Is this listing a red herring, to keep people from copying your work? Please advise... I am trying to create playlists of ALL of my favorite music, and if this record really exists and really charted, I would love to hear it. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, with much respect!

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