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  1. Really is an end of an era. I grew up with him in Ivanhoe, the Saint, the Persuaders and 007. The film the Wild Geese made quite an impact on me, he was great in it. The guy was so cool he had ice particles between his teeth. By all accounts a smashing bloke, if you ever saw that 007 documentary then you'll know what I mean.
  2. Four Larks - Groovin' at the Go Go - Catacombs Wolverhampton
  3. Bought a copy about + - 12 years ago for a mate, £550.00
  4. Hi Julian, yes I know it does, please can you Carolyn pray for me that I make it to Mojacar
  5. On the buying side, I thought I could outwait a seller he wanted £80.00 for a Baby reconsider, I only wanted to pay £60, what was I thinking about. Refusing to buy a Nolan Chance on Bunky for $200.00. Selling (some years ago) 3 copies of Trends - Thanks for a little loving £300.00 each. Hey-Ho
  6. Never rated this, too much screaming and shouting to be a decent record.
  7. Wonder if seller actually paid to put these on Ebay ?
  8. Have to say we like watching Rowan Atkinson as "Maigret" - couldn't believe it when I 1st saw advert, thought it would be some sort of Clouseau spoof. Just love how they can recreate those 1950s days.
  9. I have it since 2009, there is at the moment no solution to fix it but I guess sooner or later that will happen. Best is to try and ignore it.
  10. Plus driving over a demo studio acetate of Sidney Barnes - Hurt on the other side
  11. Once ran over in my car a "Hank Jacobs - Elijah rockin with soul" that belonged to the record arranger Arthur Wright
  12. Why in the Dickens would you pay £36 - 39 for a re-release when you can have the original for about £25.00 ? Check out all three links. Or even less for a US original (including postage) - it's feckling mad...................
  13. Of course you could say that someone wants just as crappy collection as you have ..................LOL......................
  14. I have to say if I'm going to open a jar and spread something onto my toast, the 1st choice would strawberry jam, big chunks of strawberries, luva-lee. If it has to something cheesey then Cheddar for sure.....................