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  1. It was so fab to see you as well. as they say cream rises to the top and the oddfellows crew were definately the cream. You and Daz need to be more careful..... He's a great bloke but don't tell him i said that he'll think i'm getting soft in my old age.. Most prob moving to Rugby in the next few weeks so it should be poss to get together more .... maybe every 24 years .... Cat...

  2. Hey Alan, Just wanted to say it was BRILLIANT to see you and Andy at Rugby!!! Let's not leave it so long next time !! Like 25 years lol....... And you aint changed a BIT !! Good! Look after yourself Mr Greaves! Lot's of love and Soulful Memories.... Soul Sister Jane x x x x x x x x x x x

  3. should be good. I will see if we can leave the do in Wellingborough a bit early. be nice to see Ad as I've not seen him since christmas . be great to see you as well . looking forward to it x

  4. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! xx Adam is on 2-3am!



  5. Leicester Oddfellows

    Would Miles be a young chap from cheltenham / gloucester way who used to hang around with robin sue woody etc from Loughborough if so i knew him ......
  6. What Groups,singers Did You See At Allnighters

    Over the years I have seen far too many to list but the stand out nighter performance for me was Harold Melvin at Stafford , But the best act that I've seen was Bobby Womack back in 84ish . What a voice .
  7. Do You Recognise Anyone

    It really looks like a guy I used to know as baggy Dave who used to knock about with Tony Nixon from Rotherham . Never knew his last name
  8. Loughborough And Blackburn Videos

    Nah it's not Phils sister it's MARY EVISON ..... Shame on you all for not knowing lol ..............
  9. Soul Patches

  10. Clifton Hall

    My memberships form Clifton Hall, Rotherham was the first nighter I ever went to with my older brother in December 1980. This is what got me hooked on the soul scene and I never looked back
  11. New Leicester Oddfellows Photos

    In the top left photo is Big Rob from Rugby, Colin Bonham from Derby who I believe you sold the black rat too. Jane who went out with Colin but i think ended up marrying Rob ( now divorced) My brother Greb ( Paul Greaves) Wierd Wayne Garret from Blaby ( Grea...
  12. Uploaded Wigan Casino Memberships

    also my end of an era patch... the 500th ticket and other patch were my brothers Paul ( Greb)
  13. Uploaded Wigan Casino Memberships

    Heres my membership as well. I was issued a ladies one as they had ran out of mens ..... how manley grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Uploaded Wigan Casino Memberships

    My ticket from end of era .... the only night I went as i was only 15.....