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  1. Apologies in advance if I have posted this to the wrong forum. As many of you might know, I have been a fan of Cindy Scott and also her record producer for nearly 25 years. Cindy is still writing and recording new material. And Covid permitting, Cindy is planning to get back into the recording studio again later this year. Recorded in Philadelphia 4 years ago, her new single FINE TIME has been remixed by top Netherland's producer Rinaldo Montezz. It's old skool and very funky. I hope everyone likes it. The Flashback Remix is available to download throughout the UK & Europe. http://youtu.be
  2. The original album was recorded and released in 2004 but I was never totally happy with the final production. So after 16 years here's my "Directors Cut" of The Loving Country 2, painstakingly re-recorded over the past few years. The album includes a brand new song by Cindy Scott called "Fine Time", which was recorded in Philadelphia three years ago. I am so proud of this SPECIAL EDITION. It is now how I wanted it to sound in the first place. It has the same songs (bar one), but is a totally new album. Please take a listen, stream and download. https://cindyscott.hearnow.com/

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