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  1. My New Ebay listing is up with The Danleers, The Charmaines, Samantha Jones, Mia Lewis, Gene Latter + Lee Vanderbilt unreleased Acetate. See full listing here: New Ebay listings.
  2. Hello I have listed some more Northern Soul / R&B / Popcorn etc... singles and Acetates today including: The Hit Pack, Tony Wine, The Girlfriends, Vince Edwards, Lee Vanderbilt, Freddie Scott, The Jewels and more. You can see the full list here: Full Ebay Sale List.
  3. Just started a new listings today with some Northern Soul Acetates and singles. Please check the full list here: Full list of records and Acetates for sale.
  4. This just came in through Youtube: "Donna is Les Reed's daughter and the Donna of Donna Music. BTW this track was written specifically for Ray Pollard, so his should be considered the first and original version. I know this because I asked him!" You can hear a clip from this Acetate on my Youtube channel : Demo Ray Pollard Acetate.
  5. Hello I am selling a few more Northern Soul / and Soul singles on Ebay. Including this Demo Only Acetate for the Ray Pollard “It’s A Sad Thing”, The Wanderers (with Ray Pollard), Samantha Jones Demos + Unreleased Acetate, Long John Baldry, Unknown US Northern Soul / Girl Group Acetate + many more. Demo Acetate: “It’s A Sad Thing” original Demo only Acetate version. Full listings: Full listings.
  6. Hello Just listed a new batch of singles on Ebay with some Northern Soul singles including a Test Pressing of The Astors + Lee Vanderbilt / Ebony Keyes Acetate + others. Here is a link: The Astors Test Pressing. Full list of items for sale: Full list of Items for sale. Thanks.
  7. Hi I have just listed another batch of mid-price Northern Soul singles on Ebay: Check them out here: The Wonderettes and full list of items for sale here: Full list. Thanks.
  8. Hi Just wanted to bring to your attention I am selling an unknown Northern Soul / Girl Group Unknown Acetate on Ebay right now that might be of interest to some of you + some other singles. Here is the link: Unknown Northern Soul / Girl Group Acetate. Youtube clip: Youtube clip. Thanks. Jim
  9. Not a problem, not sure yet what platform it will be sold on, JM, Ebay or other....? but will keep you informed.
  10. The sound snippets are still available through my Youtube channel named: modboy 1 : https://youtu.be/qy08iDgtZIU
  11. I was the one who organised the auction and was there for the whole day. It was an interesting day. I met JM and will be in touch with him as there are more to come from the same library..... Thanks for everyone attending and for the nice comments above.
  12. Yes that’s me, I still have tend of thousands of records from that library and still selling them on Ebay, not just Northern Soul, but Psych, Mod, Prog, Rock etc... You are the guy that bought the Mike Batt Acetate from me, why would you owe me money?
  13. Agreed, the top end items just seem to get more expensive with time (as is the case with many other genres), but the lower end items which presumably many collectors already have, seem to go cheaper.
  14. Don’t forget all these prices will not include the extra 20% or so commission (17% Auction House commission + VAT on the commission). So the Tommy Dent for example would have actually cost the buyer £3480.00 !!! and the Lainie Hill would have been £600.00 and so on...

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