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  1. Herebelow the link to some nice pics taken by our Swiss friend Fu .... http://gallery.smart...18186582_KNk6bx
  2. Ops, forgot to post my playlist... Friday Set The Jokers – Soul Sound The Ambassadors – Too Young For Me Andrea Henry – I Need You Like A Baby Tobi Lark – Sweep It Out In The Shed The Sparkels – Try Love (One More Time) September Jones – I’m Coming Home Shane Martin – I Need You Beverly Ann – You’ve Got Your Mind On Other Things Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On Lorraine Chandler – I Can’t Change Linda Jones – I Just Can’t Live My Life Sunday - Ain't Got No Problems Rozetta Johnson – Mine Was Real Celest Hardie – You’re Gone T.J. Williams And Two Shades Of Sou
  3. That's what I call a warm and friendly atmosphere! (Rimini, sunday night.. well, monday early morning...)
  4. Hats off to Simone & Cristian for another cracking weekend!!!! Well done guys!!!!!
  5. Thank you so much Frank for having invited me! I really had a good time, everything was PERFECT !!! I got really impressed by the club.. the atmosphere... the people who danced 'til dawn and of course by the top quality music ! I will come back again.. that's for sure!!!! ciao! Barbara x
  6. A memorable weekend !!! Hats off to Lazy, Daniela & all the DJs !!! ROLL ON AACHEN WEEKENDER 2012 !!!!
  7. My first time attending at a Soul event in Scotland couldn't have been better! Great music, amazing atmosphere, and the friendly people I met, made my weekend in Edinburgh nothing but PERFECT! Thanks and hats off to George, the resident djs, Roddy & Eddie, and a special mention to Mr. Burrell.. his last DJ appearance has been simply g-r-e-a-t !!!! Last but not least, big thanks from the bottom of my heart to Davy (shame a stomach bug knocked him down... ), Charlie & Paul I will be back to Scotland soon, that's for sure!!! ciao! Barbara
  8. ..I know.... I am "just a bit" late.... (lazy Italian... ) here are the records I've played (in no order) Tobi Lark - Sweep It Out In The Shed September Jones - I'm Coming Home The Jokers - Soul Sound The Deletts - What's The Use The Chandlers - Your Love Makes Me Lonely Shane Martin - I Need You The Montclairs - Hey You! Don't Fight It The Majestics - (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do Betty Everett - Please Love Me Gloria Grey - It's A Sweet World Shirley Wahls - Why Am I Crying Jo A
  9. When I had been invited to play records in Hamburg I immediately accepted, being sure it would have been a big thing... Well... reality has been even better than expectation! In my DJ Profile I wrote that for me Home is where I can find great Soul music, friendly people and a nice dancefloor... and in Hamburg I've found my perfect place!!!! Thanks to Ralf, Jan and to all the special people who made this weekender unforgettable.. well done guys!!! Regarding my playlist, one thing is sure: I played the Rozetta Johnson twice.. innit Jan? ......more will follow....... Ba

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