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    I'm a 20 year old who was introduced to Northern Soul by my father, who spoke about it frequently whilst growing up. I'm currently doing a piece on how Northern Soul is a familial subculture, that has survived for so long in how it is passed down through family members to their children etc so I'm looking to speak to people about this.

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  1. Hi all, I'm a student at Goldsmiths University in London studying Journalism. I'm currently doing a piece on Northern Soul, and I've found it really interesting to learn more about how important family is to Northern Soul, in terms of how it has been passed down through generations, from those involved to their children. I was wondering if this has been the case for anyone here, and if you'd be happy to talk to me more about how Northern Soul has been passed on within your own family. If you've passed it on to your children and if they've got involved through that. Even if it just means they're now a fan of the music. My own dad introduced my to Northern Soul (I'm 20 years old) and I've been interested in the subculture ever since, hence why I want to write about this. I'm looking for 2-3 case studies to include in my piece. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

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