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  1. You've got to see the bright side, though. You look cracking in those dresses.
  2. I enjoy sending people descriptions of the requested tune together with the asking price and then not hearing back from them. Can't beat good manners.
  3. Think I have a vg++ copy at home. If memory serves me right the lable looks as if the sun has bleached it slightly. The tune plays perfect. Don't want to sound an arse but I can't be bothered looking for the copy if the price isn't right. Care to let me know what you are prepared to fork out for the tune?
  4. If you have no luck with the Frankie and the Classicals you can pm me. I think I have a vg++ copy somewhere.
  5. Are you sure you don't mean "Micki Lynn" ? Top tune if you do!
  6. Someone must have got the Greeks and the Germans mixed up. Thanks Benji.
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Just trying to sort out a payment to a member here and have been requested to send the money declared as a gift. From the 3 options that German paypal offers it can only be "andere Dienstleistungen" but that's not a "gift". Any advice? Ta Benne
  8. anyone got a mintish copy that they want to get rid off, pretty please? Will pay via paypal.
  9. I wish you hadn't. This will start the old debate if it was IL or SS who played it first. 20 pager guaranteed.
  10. I've just been contacted by a member trying to help so I'll just drag this up to let everyone know that I am now sorted and will close this thread.
  11. smigger

    Lenis Guess

    I'm pretty sure the wife has a minty copy at home that she never plays. What you could do is pm me what you want to fork out for it and I'll ask the f¼hrer if she's willing to sell.
  12. My experience is that the critical part is usually the bit where the flute sets in. If you play the tune out you need to adjust the treble in those parts.
  13. Care to explain? Strangely enough the only time I had to send records back to anyone on here was during this deal. One seller apologised and admitted his mistake and the other seller has only just received his copy back and has advised about the refund. On the latter deal the seller knew he had a problematic copy on his hands and we agreed that I'd see the tune and could return it if I thought the condition was too rough. For the record, these transaction only happened after you ignored my various requests for your paypal adress. So as it stands, lid, you have wasted my time.
  14. after one time waster never went through with the deal and 2 noisy copies being sent out to me I'm back looking for Al Foster - Night of the wolf on Roulette Willing to pay 70 quid (incl p+p and paypal fees) for a copy (that plays) VG++ upwards. Anyone, pretty please? Oh, please don't offer the italian pressing. Thanks

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