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  1. until

    It was a good soul session , well worth it , great to see friends and have a beer and listen to sounds. All us from derby will be going again . You know the score with the dancing, social distancing, get with the programe u promoters and get the scene up and running again, lets have a nighter on aswell, we all know the rules, follow them and its easy, ktf, well done u dudes for putting it on and roll on the next one , thanks the derby alnighter crew ktf
  2. The derby alnighter crew are going , massive respect for remembering winston like this, ktf.
    Great night, great tunes , lovely vibe 100%northern soul people, come on u know you gotta be at black hearts , ktf, thanks for a lovely time, even had a dance, love and big respect to u all, ktf. The derby alnighter crew.
  3. Thanks for a great night always love it at black hearts, great tunes , good warm friendly northern soul people 100%. Had a dance aswell, thanks to everyone , ktf, love and big respect to all, the derby crew.
  4. Best place to be this Saturday night, always have a great time, lovely crowd , great tunes, keep the faith, big respect casper , all the derby crew.

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