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  1. ''Can't Fight The Power''

    I'm after a copy of "Can't Fight The Power'' Willie Hutch (Soul City) Would appreciate any help!! Cheers, Janey
  2. Heard this track a long time ago and loved it!!! Can anyone help me in getting hold of a copy? Not sure if it's album only? Cheers....Janey
  3. Magazine Help

    Can anyone out there help a very stressed-out student from the University I work at.... She is writing a dissertation on Northern Soul, but concentrating mainly on the Casino. She is wishing to speak to anyone who may be able to help, she is especially l...
  4. Barrett Strong Want

    Hi all..... I'm after a copy of Barrett Strong's "Man Up In The Sky" Can anyone make me a very happy bunny and help me out? Feel free to PM me..... Cheers..... Janey
  5. I did not know Nige, but I would like to express my deepest and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this very,very sad and difficult time. R.I.P. Nige.....God Bless.... Janey
  6. I was first introduced to this fantastic music by my "then" boyfriend, Roger, who went to art college with my bro! Lost touch though, as you do, sadly, haven't seen him for years!! And used to watch with awe, my cousin Deb and fella Joey (religious Casin...
  7. The Postie Thread Again

    Mr Postman brought me two yesterday.... Special Delivery - "This Kind Of Love" - Shield Africano - "Satisfactorize Your Mind" - Hi I'm a very happy girlie
  8. The Supremes

    My fave Supremes choons are.... Stormy Come See About Me Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart Any Girl In Love(Knows What I'm Going Through) Love Child Janey
  9. Sounds Of The Summer

    Oh Happy Day - Flame 'n' King always makes me feel summery
  10. Oh Yeah....I can blub very easily on hearing a particular choon....for varying reasons behind each one... One's that set me off..... Hurt So Bad and It's Not The Same - Little Anthony & The Imperials Anyone Who Knows What Love Is(Will Under...
  11. Gladys Knight

    Stop And Get A Hold Of Myself......closely followed by..... No One Could Love You More.........closely followed by..... It's Too Late For You And Me a.k.a. It's Never Too Late Everyone a gem Regards....Janey
  12. Seems there's no accounting for taste eh John... Cheers for that....just listened to what I personally think is a LOVELY choon...
  13. I totally agree Molly Each to their own I guess........
  14. Ronnie Mcneir Track

    Cheers Brett Will look out for one!!!
  15. Ronnie Mcneir Track

    Heard it on Dickie's show Girf...missed the title, so text him to ask what it was...and he said Ronnie McNeir - "It's Written All Over My Face"...but didn't say if it was album track!!! .....So....you're one of the "Anoraks" as Shane put it eh???? ...

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