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  1. chick

    Soul In The Crown Southampton

    Really looking forward to this one Alfie. Seems ages since the last one. See you at the weekend xx
  2. chick

    Bournemouth Opera House 28/2/09

    Almost It's the 16th May
  3. Well done Shaun..... This was by far the absolute best event SOS at the Opera House yet. We arrived early at around 8.30 and there were people up and dancing already, in fact I don't recall seeing an empty dance floor once all night long. By 10 the place was buzzing and people just seemed to continue pouring into the place until gone 1am. It was great to see people jostling for space on the dance floor. The huge amount of work and belief Shaun has poured into this began to bear fruit last night I truely believe. The dj's all played sets that went down brilliantly with the crowd - something for everyone, even at 4am when they were begging Moldie to play just one more track. DJ of the night for me in the main room was Hitsville Chalky - not only some fantastic tunes but such an entertainer on stage as well. Lovely to see a dj enjoying his music so passionately. (and also an expert at looking after abandoned handbags thanks ) I was really excited about the anniversary as for the first time a second room was opened featuring the Groove Junkies... now I know that modern is not everyones bag but John, Moldie and co showed me last night just how much it is mine. I danced so much my feet and legs hurt today and I am still buzzing from the electric atmosphere they created. Every time a new tune came on, even more hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Fantastic doesn't even come close to scratching the surface for me.... absolute class in my opinion. Just a shame that not everyone realised they were there (even though it was clearly advertised). I'm now on countdown to May 16th. John..... thanks for the CD... it went straight in the player on the way home and I can guarantee it won't be being changed for a long time. Helped me to relive parts of the night again this morning. Well done again Shaun
  4. Have a great night...... we can't make this one, sorry Chris. We'll be in Doncaster. Hopefully catch up with you all soon
  5. For me, this was by far the best one yet. This was the busiest I've seen the floor before...... most of the night it was heaving!!! It's great to be able to get to listen to dj's that aren't often local and hear some different but exciting new tunes. (new to me anyway) Really can't wait for February ...... especially with the added addition of the Groove Junkies. Shaun....... well done for all your hard work and commitment. Nothing you could have done about the heating - hope you've given them a kick up the arse about it though. The people on the floor all night didn't notice.
  6. Looking forward to tomorrow Shaun..... birthday bumps for you then is it???
  7. chick

    Farnborough Fc Across The Board Soul Night

    Sorry we can't make this one Chris - IoW calls again I'm afraid. Have a good one T x
  8. chick

    New Venue! Bournemouth

    Ahem... it's just a vicious rumour Chilly just prefers a quiet life is all............
  9. chick

    The Crown Southampton

    Looking forward to tomorrow night. Chilly and Alfie - you've both worked hard getting this off the ground, I'm sure this second evening will be as much of a success as the last. Bearsy - just so you don't forget your set this time .......... it starts at 7.30
  10. chick

    Iow Soul Club

    Like this do you mean?
  11. chick

    Iow All Nighter - 7th Oct 06

    Thanks again everyone It's a shame that the numbers were low this time, but all in all it was a fantastic success. The atmosphere was buzzing all night Excellant DJ's, playing excellant tunes ...... what more can I say
  12. chick

    Iow All Nighter - 7th Oct 06

    The last one was a brilliant night. Great atmosphere - and of course all the dj's play a blinder Can't wait
  13. Looking forward to seeing you all again
  14. chick

    isle of wight niter 3

  15. chick

    Isle Of Wight All Niter 11th Feb

    Many thanks to Moldie, Mollie, Jimmy, Alfie, Ray, Mike and John Excellent all of you !! Absolutely blinding night


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