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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 'A deep look at a high-point in smouldering, storyline country-tinged southern soul, one of those wonderful and rare occasions when all of the undeniably top-drawer participants came together at the peak of their considerable powers to produce a genuine..' View full article
  2. “He Made A Woman Out Of Me” – Betty LaVette (Silver Fox 17) – 1969. I was born on a levee; a little bit south of Montgomery. Mama worked at the ‘big house’ and Daddy worked for the county. Never had no learnin’ till I turned sixteen, when Joe Henry came up the river y’all – he made a woman outta me, Lord, he made a woman outta me. I used to tease Joe Henry – I guess I teased too hard. Then, one day, it happened, right in my own back yard. Joe Henry had his way – he went and set me free; now I’m here to tell everybody that the man made a woman outta me, Lord, he made a woman outt
  3. For anyone who doesn't already know, Eddie Floyd's autobiography "Knock Knock Knock On Wood" is coming out within a week or two. Have already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon
  4. Mike may be swopping this new very much improved Joe Valentine article for the one already on this site but. in the meantime, if you want to download it in pdf format you can safely do so for 7 days here: https://we.tl/t-WPboNkF4z7 The new article has extra pics, label-shots, a full discography and links to You Tube for hearing Joe's material.
  5. thanks Greg. George is still ferreting believe it or not and he does get hold of some relevant people and stuff so I am waiting on a bity more from him before I go to press. Best. peter.
  6. My “new and hopefully much-improved” article on Timmy Willis may still be a few weeks away yet as some extra research and a few more attempted interviews with relevant people are still being undertaken but it will be very much bigger and will contain much more detail and many photos (including photos of Timmy), images and screen-dumps of relevant references etc. There will also be You-Tube hot-links to relevant recordings. Myself, George Korval and Greg Burgess have already spent many weeks trawling for more – and new – information, including speaking with several “interested parties” fro
  7. Just to say that the Jones article has now been updated/amended to include new and more accurate information. I leave it to Mike to decide whether he wants to replace the present one with the one you can now safely download for the next 7 days here: https://tinyurl.com/y65gbrb4 For those still waiting for my updated version of the Timmy Willis article on this web-site, it is now close to completion but I am awaiting some further info from George Korval in the USA who is assisting me with research. I can already tell you that it will be much more detailed and accurate than the existin
  8. As a result of interest in my Timmy Willis piece by Greg Burgess of this group (and also by George Korval of the Yahoo Southern Soul Group) the three of us started to dig even deeper into the lost corners of the internet etc. and we have now acquired new information about Willis and his career as well as finding two photos of him (which lead me to suspect that he is NOT the guy in the white suit in the middle of the Suspicious Can Openers group photo, whom we now think - having seen a graduation pic of the guy - is probably Ron Johnson of the Openers). It will take me a week or two before
  9. You're welcome. As you can see there were a few "soul" connections but I did wonder if Mike would want to post this one as it is primarily more about the gospel world than the soul one. But great soulful voices are always worth writing about or, better still, listening to. I am revamping my Timmy Willis article as quite a bit of new info has been dredged from the internet's lost corners including two photos of the guy whom I now no longer believe is the white-suited performer in the group photo of the Suspicious Can Openers. When I have finished my revamped piece I will suggest to Mike that he
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Little Johnny Jones - Feature. More about this very special deep-gospel recording by Jimmy Jones in due course - but first, what of the vocalist himself? View full article
  11. Little Johnny Jones - Feature ‘LITTLE’ JOHNNY JONES by Pete Nickols (with thanks for additional information from Mike Finbow) A while back I listed my Top 50 all-time favourite deep-soul recordings and posted this to the Southern Soul Yahoo Group. Although my listing was intended to represent the best secular Deep Soul performances, the recording which made it to No.1 was actually something of a “cheat” on my part. It’s easy to see how important the gospel influence was to the deep-soul style but the recording at the very top of my pile is actually a genuine gospel song, cut in the s
  12. TIMMY WILLIS Information about soul vocalist Timmy Willis has always been sketchy but the singer’s “Easy As Saying 1-2-3” is such a monumental slab of deep-soul that I thought a little digging was in order. Of course, the Northern fraternity will doubtless prefer his “Mr Soul Satisfaction” and that’s their prerogative for it’s certainly a fine uptempo stomper. Timmy was born Henry Lee Sapp in or close to Columbus Ohio (date unknown but probably circa 1947/8). In 1966 the would-be vocalist encountered Eugene and Walter McMahan at the local Preview Lounge, the McMahans being teenage m
  13. Joe Valentine by Pete Nickols When it comes to recording top-drawer ultra-emotive deep-soul, only a few exponents have managed to produce more than one supreme example in their recording careers and even the very few, like James Carr for example, who managed to produce several, usually released quite a large number of soul sides in total throughout the classic-soul era from which those few deep gems emerged. However, when we consider that, even including unreleased items at the time, Joe Valentine only put down some 14 tracks in the early-soul era between 1960 and 1968 and yet still manag

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