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    HI - I am a record dealer and record collector.. so now I can never get away from them.. I spend lots of time that I should spend doing something else chasing details about those little differences that make records fun.. Oh yes and youtubing guitar players when I should be working!

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    Eddie Parker

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  1. Ahh - actually I might be mixing up triple 'B' and triple 'W'
  2. HI - If you look a bit higher up here my copy has the 3W etched and also an Archer stamp but the view is that it is not original.. what are your thoughts? I have posted pictures higher up
  3. HI - I am not sure where it came from. I got it in auction.. from the south!
  4. Here are the pictures I promised! I am now able to upload them. Thanks all]
  5. HI - I have just had it on reliable authority that the one of mine is a boot.. albeit a nice one! I will upload the images to here now that I can.. for reference Thanks
  6. HI everyone, I am new to this group so 'Hello'. I couldn't resist joining in with this thread for a couple of reasons.. firstly this pressing, with 'Archer' in the run-outs. Every one of these (represses/unofficial/bootleg or whatever) I have seen including the badly photographed 'unofficial' release on Discogs has the text 'Arranged By' overlapping the green 'a', whereas the original on the same site has 'Arranged by' to the left of the 'a' and not overlapping it.. also the look of the label is generally sharper on the original. My copy is confusing me for a couple of reasons. Firstly the label is the same as the original on Discogs and other (apparent) originals I have seen, yet the run-outs have 'ARCHER' unevenly stamped.. But then so does a rare - original - demo pressing that I saw sold (possibly on here) a little while ago.. that was seemingly original and with ARCHER.. so do we understand this well enough? I have tried to figure out if mine is an original pressing or an unofficial release by looking at the label as well as the run-outs are there are so many inconsistencies in what people report and what their opinion is on this.. Can I ask people for their thoughts? Oh and the other thing is I have taken some decent photos as there are a lot of blurry ones here.. these can serve as a reference but I don't know how to post them.. here are some links to them on Photobucket.. thanks.. Tony Label 1 Runout 1 Runout 2 Runout 3 Runout 4 Runout 5

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