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    First started going to Northern Soul nights in 1974 when I was 16. Gravitated to the awesome Wigan Casino allnighters and had some great nights there. Kept up collecting and going to allnighters without a break.

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    The one's that have that certain magic! That certain undefinable pzazz!!

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  1. If it's a collectors classic, then no. But if it's something that's only a dj's five minute wonder, then yes.
  2. Thats a great way to remember Johnny. It looks really special. It's a shame about John. I travelled many miles to and from allnighters with him. We had some good talks on records and collecting. He did like his UK things but also had some nice USA 45's. The last time I was in his company was at Newton Aycliffes RAFA rare soul night in 2017. These where some of the records played that night.
  3. The copy Anglo had on auction was the slightly rarer two line Four Brothers logo original. The usual one line logo original, and this one, are both Atlantic/Atco distributed, but from there different pressing plants. There is also a styrene west coast delta number original. And of course, the many different copies and boots as well, which is a bit of a minefield!
  4. THE TOPICS (CHADWICK 102 D) - £810.00 JOANN COURCY (TWIRL 2026 D) - £1,010.00 MARION STEWART (R RECORDS 1516) - £250.00 ALLAN HARRIS (EXACT CHANGE 4917) - £475.00 SAM & KITTY (FOUR BROTHERS 452) - £450.00 MELVIN DAVIS (KE KE 1007) - £351.00 TEE CEE HALL (NOVA 101) - £2,000.00 PAUL THOMPSON (VOLT 4042) - £750.00 DOUGLAS BANKS (GUYDEN 2082 D) - £226.00 ROSEY JONES (WICKETT 61472) - £600.00 CIX BITS BAND (HAZE 0012) - £330.00 SUNDAY JORDON (GOOD LUCK 1414) - £955.00 THE INVITATIONS (MGM 13666 D) - £500.00 THE ICEMEN (OLE-9 1008 blue) - £400.00 PHIL TERRELL (CARNIVA
  5. You and I would never get that price for them! Only Manship can attract these money people who must regard his auctions, in his own words as "The holy grail! They are buying into the kudos and reputation of the Manship brand!
  6. I was looking about in Llandudno on Thursday and came across a small record fair in a church hall. It was on Friday and Saturday as well. Not a lot there apart from some original Motown Lp's and a black London 45 of Darrell Banks I left it, as I wedge my doors open with them at home!
  7. Same backing track as the much rarer Wigan Casino monster sound "Rock Me, Till I Want No More" by Phil Lowman on Parlos.
  8. Thats very interesting imformative reading on record manufacture. Regarding your question. I think that the millionth press can be classed as an original, if it is part of the original promotion/ release. If the record is still on it's first release on small label or picked up for national release, but still being pushed by the record companies as a new release it's an original. (It helps if the artists are still together and hoping for a hit record). An original to me is part of the original promotion/release of that song.
  9. Also at the end of the news they say "The financial share index closed at........" Out of the millions of people listening who needs this daily update! Anyone interested will already know!!!
  10. I bought my original Sassy copy from that mid 1970's find. The story I heard is 500 original copies were bought from the producer Billy Jackson's own stock.. I can't help with what label it was first played on within the Northern Scene, but it must have been played in the US on Sassy first, being the first label.
  11. I used to trade tapes through the tape swopping sections in mags like Derek Pearson's "Shades Of Soul" etc. Back in the 80's it was a great way to learn new records and stay well ahead of the game!!
  12. Look At Me - The Delettes -Blue Rock Can't Lose My Head -George Blackwell -Smoke Loves Made A Connection -Tiaras -Seton This Won't Change -Lester Tipton -La Beat I Am Nothing -Al Williams -Labeat/ Palmer What Happened To Yesterday - Mr Soul /Al Scott - Genuine Ain't Nothing You Can Do - Joe Matthew's -Kool Kat These go somewhere to me, to sum up a bit of Northern Soul!
  13. Rick Coopers very informative article has just confirmed what I have been saying all along. The pink issues of the Carstairs are not USA release originals, but a special legal 1000 press copy order for the UK Northern Scene. If the Northern Soul scene had never happened, only the Sterling stamped White Demos would exist of the Carstairs!
  14. My definition of USA original release, is demo and issue that is meant for the promotion or sale to the USA general public of a certain song. This can include being picked up for national release by a big label, as long as it's all within the initial release timescale. The pink issue Carstairs does not fit into that, because it was not for the USA general public.
  15. They were not issued for the USA market/public, so not part of the original release/promotion. They are a contract product press for a specialised market in the UK. I would only think of the demos as originals because they were part of the original promotion for the release in the USA to the general public.

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