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  1. I'm sorry you never found anything in the shops in 1987. But in those pre-internet days, the people who did know all the great records, got all the great records! They deserved them, as it took many years of study, hard work and dedication to get that knowledge!! Now people can get that knowledge, without really trying, from the internet and price guides too easy. They can make a lot of money out of it, without really liking or caring about these great records.
  2. Nice to see Jackie Wilson's great L.P. in the rack on the right, "I Get The Sweetest Feeling" Nice artwork on it as well as some great tracks! The young lady would be better off buying that L.P!!
  3. Maybe someone who has had a Matthew Barnett for many years, could compare to the ones that are turning up recently.
  4. It sounds to me that Ohio Players is vocally poor (he talks it, more than sings!) compared to wonderful Towanda Barnes. Although the funkier production on the Ohio Players version may be more in vogue these days!
  5. That's the money Towanda Barnes should be getting. Loved it since I first heard it in Wigan Casino!
  6. There is a reissue of Huriah Boynton that's been about for a long time! The label has a paler red label than the richer red first issue. I had this in my selling box for years and nobody ever showed any interest in it! Strange how it got to £970!
  7. Guy Hennigan impressed me with his knowledge on this sort of thing!
  8. Yes, who are these people? I wish they would buy my records! I would be embarrassed to tell anybody that I had paid any of these way over the odds, prices!
  9. Which fool would part with $3.250 for something that they can't tell if it's an original or not? It looked just the same profile as the Blanch Carter GSF 1970's boot! A fool and his money are easily parted!
  10. Saxie Russell is a brilliant nighter record. It has built in allnighter atmosphere! But that price is the usual madness we have come to expect with these auctions! Len Jewell is the same, great traditional Northern Soul classic, but about three times more money than I have ever seen it go for!
  11. I used to like getting on the dance floor at the start of a nighter, and know I had about 7 hours dancing in front of me, to a lot of great records.
  12. Never start a new project, until you have finished the last one to the last detail! If you do, you will never get anything finished!
  13. The copy on the left looks like a typical styrene 70's boot. I would not be surprised if it was a Monarch delta number pressing. As you say, the original should be vinyl.
  14. That's a great unrealesed on USA label, cut/version of "I Can't Go On" Deon Jackson on Contempo! The one without the backing singers!
  15. Well spotted! Probably getting hard to find on this boot these days! Picture of the boot. Boot is styrene as opposed to the vinyl original.

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