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  1. Saxie Russell is a brilliant nighter record. It has built in allnighter atmosphere! But that price is the usual madness we have come to expect with these auctions! Len Jewell is the same, great traditional Northern Soul classic, but about two thirds more money than I have ever seen it go for!
  2. I used to like getting on the dance floor at the start of a nighter, and know I had about 7 hours dancing in front of me, to a lot of great records.
  3. Never start a new project, until you have finished the last one to the last detail! If you do, you will never get anything finished!
  4. The copy on the left looks like a typical styrene 70's boot. I would not be surprised if it was a Monarch delta number pressing. As you say, the original should be vinyl.
  5. That's a great unrealesed on USA label, cut/version of "I Can't Go On" Deon Jackson on Contempo! The one without the backing singers!
  6. Well spotted! Probably getting hard to find on this boot these days! Picture of the boot. Boot is styrene as opposed to the vinyl original.
  7. Sorry to reply to my own post, but I like the HMV advert to the right of the first picture! Dave Evison, Dave McAdden and Frank Elson buy their records from HMV. BUT don't let that fact put you off
  8. All through the mid to late 1970's, Colin Bee used to run big adverts in music papers like Black Echoes etc, to sell all the latest Northern Soul pressings/reissues. There was a lot of them at it, but he seemed to have the latest, newest pressings first. He ran his business from Surrey. Sometimes certain DJ's used to get annoyed, because records that still had a lot of life in them were getting pressed, far to early. This always caused the record to be dropped from major dj's playlists. I have always wondered if Colin Bee was his real name? Was he a DJ or promoter? Was he jus
  9. Great record and always available, as it is not that rare. It was about in the Wigan Casino sales record bar, but I can't remember anyone playing it back then! Every collection should have one!
  10. All good things must come to an end!!? Or does it! Even the Highland room had more than one last night! Because it really didn't close then!! It went on in a different format for several years after that. With many Northern Soul alldayers and Soul nights held in the Highland room, to great success and into the early 80's! Just a bit of nostalgia!
  11. I'm pleased you and four others think it's a good idea!. It's not just Pat's auctions, it's any rare soul auction! Then we will have a more balanced view of UK rare soul auctions!
  12. Please let me know if you find out what "Miracle Love" really is Joey Dee instrumental, which is the side I remember being big, is the tune that goes through my head all the next day after an allnighter, even if it wasn't played!
  13. I have known "Birdwalking" since 1976 Wigan days, but never knew it covered up! Everyday's a school day!!
  14. Pat Brady auctions some great records on a regular basis, but hardly gets a mention. It would be good if all the leading auction results could be seen on here, just as John Manships are. I don't know, maybe it would be too much hassle to organise?
  15. I don't know. Must be a cover up? Also don't recognise the "Love Fantasy" by The Checkerboard Squares? Another cover up? Maybe Mr Barnfather could clue us up

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